1997 Toyota Supra TT

Purchased: August 1, 2002

Best Time: 13.363 sec @ 112.40 mph
100 Octane Fuel, Street Tires

- Graphite Badges
- 20% Tint
- Hose Techniques Black Silicone Hose Kit

- Dual Pod A Pillar
- 52 mm Greddy Boost
- 52 mm Greddy EGT
- Kenwood KDC-X959 MP3 Player
- Kenwood KHD-C710 Music Keg

- HKS Hardpipe Kit

- Automatic Transmission

  Brakes / Tires / Suspension
- Bridgestone Potenza RE750 Tires
- Hawk HPS Brake Pads
- 18" SSR Integral A2 Rims
- TRD Strut Bar

- RMM Downpipe
- Apexi GT-Spec Exhaust
- EGR Block Off Plates

- Apexi S-AFC

  Turbo / Turbo Related
- Greddy Profec-B
- Greddy BCC
- HKS Turbo Timer

- Side Mount Intercooler
- Engine
- Head
- Transmission
- Twin Turbos

At a rest stop after she was purchased in NC.


Her first photo shoot with us.


Finally home!


Visiting with Todd and Cassandra.




Hanging out in Milledgeville with Phil, John, and Doug.


Just out of the rain. Too bad the emblems were still gold.


I found a matching bike!


At the track! Ukyo vs. SMO Cat.


Back from the track.


The side window says she's # 1!


Resting on a cold day.


Parked on the street. What?! Parked on the street?!


The sunset, as seen from the Supra.


Strapped to the dyno.




Hanging out at Batlground's original facility.


More stylin' and profilin' at Batlground.


Still chillin' at Batlground.


At the Michelin Testing Facility for the Grassroots Motorsports shoot.


Coming back from her 0-60 mph test.




Gangsta lean!


What wheel gap?


Sup dawgs?


On the road!


Motion sickness!


After the rain. See the rainbow?


Parked in the yard.


Hanging out with Doug, Phil, and Brad after NOPI.


A row of Supras at the SELOC Super Show.


Lots of Supras.


A deer ran into me. Yes, ran into ME. What luck.


She had hoof prints on her forehead...


Yes, very dirty rims. But the point here is the deer fur.


A few weeks later and all's well.


See? Like it never happened.


Bringing home the new gazebo.


Seriously, who needs a truck?