Alaska Cruise + Vancouver

When I was planning our honeymoon trip, I knew I wanted to take a cruise. It was down between Europe and Alaska. We thought Europe would be the more romantic option, so we chose that cruise. It was a fantastic trip, but I found that I still really wanted to go to Alaska. Several of our friends had recommended it as well. I get these special offers from NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) in my email and one offered two for the price of one to Alaska. Well, I couldn't resist. It ended up being more romantic than I had expected. The nature and wildlife were amazing. It was so peaceful and relaxing. It was exactly what a good vacation should be. Since we've returned, we've told numerous people to take a trip to Alaska. We would go back in a heartbeat. We even had one friend tell us that they would rather return to Alaska than to Hawaii. I think that says a lot. We still haven't gone to Hawaii (yet), but I agree that it will be hard to top this.

Day 1 and 2
Seattle and At Sea


Day 3
Ketchikan, AK


Day 4
Juneau, AK


Day 5
Skagway, AK


Day 6 and 7
Prince Rupert, BC and At Sea

Day 8
Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC


Day 9 and 10
Vancouver, BC