The Cats

A Tale of Two Kitties
Singe and Ling, Born July 1999

Singe and Ling are brother and sister, and are both seal point Siamese cats. They are "applehead" Siamese, meaning the have a rounder head than the very wedge-shaped Siamese you see in cat shows. "Points" refers to the areas of color around their face, ears, feet, and tail. "Seal" is simply the color of their points. Siamese cats are born white, or very close to it, and get darker as they age. They always have blue eyes. Sometimes they're crossed a bit, as is the case with Ling. Also, sometimes their tails have a kink in them. Singe has a little tiny kink right at the very end of his tail, but you can't really see it, you can only feel it. Siamese are also known for being very intelligent, very inquisitive, and very talkative. Ours are certainly all of the above.

As They Grew

They've always liked to watch TV! (It is on in this picture, but it's hard to tell.)


Play hard, rest hard.


Back to playing!


Ling hiding behind the TV.


Singe posing on the bed.


Watching their favorite screensaver, "Catz."


Getting bigger and not fitting in their napping place anymore!


It almost looks like they're looking into a mirror!


Singe getting a little older and a little darker.


Ling with one of her favorite toys, the rat. She's an excellent soccer player.


Singe is going shopping!


Always into something!


Snuggling next to mom.


Inspecting the new turbo.


I swear I found them this way!


She looks like a Halloween cat!






Curled up in bed.


Snoozing on the couch.


They still enjoy watching "Catz!"


Checking out the outdoors.


How cozy!


Some paper falls to the floor as we unbox a recent purchase. I come back into the room to find a cat perched on each piece of paper. Creepy.


Stacked kitties.






Singe got his name because he is burnt along the edges, or singed. Singe is an incredibly friendly cat. While Ling runs to hide at the sound of the door bell, Singe follows us to the door and greets visitors as we would. He is happy to find out who is here to play with him. He is in the process of learning some tricks. He can stand up on his back feet, turn around, and sit on command (provided there is a treat nearby to reward him with. He doesn't work for free!)

Singe at the dinner table.


Napping on dad.


Let's play with the string! (This is his favorite toy.)


Hiding in the desk.


Just woke up.


Back to sleep!


What 'cha doing?


I wonder where he got this from?


Look! I won!


Kitty Camoflage!


All wrapped up in love.




Singe, laying in an upside down chair seat, biting his nails.


Soaking up some rays.


His "hiding" spot.


He always lays like this. But it's smart - if he falls asleep, he doesn't fall off.


I have no idea what would possess him to do this.


"Oh? Are these YOUR pants?"





Ling got her name because she's a cross-eyed Asian. We watched Ally McBeal at the time we got her, and Lucy Liu (being slightly cross-eyed and Asian) played a character named Ling. Ling is an absolute sweetheart. She's very shy and it takes her a while to warm up to visitors. In fact, first time visitors usually think we only have one cat (Singe). She is always getting into trouble thanks to her inquisitive nature. It has earned her one of her many nicknames, Ling Chevious. That's Miss Chevious to you.

"Little Bitty" Ling.


Napping in the sunshine.


Chilling in the window.


I moved and lost my seat!




Who turned on the lights?


A relaxed Ling.


A more aggressive Ling.


Back to napping!




Look at me! I'm in your desk!


Chewing on a hair. (For some reason, she loves it! But we've had to break her of this habit.)


More chewing!


Here is what I think of your camera!




Ling looking a little apprehensive about what's in the box.


"I am plotting your demise."