1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

Purchased: December 29, 2000 - Sold: January 14, 2006

Best Time: 12.508 sec @ 113.58 mph
C-12 Race Gas, Street Tires

- 20% Tint
- SMO Cat Performance Diamonds

- Custom Two-Tone Leather
- SMO Cat Gauge Faces
- Lo-Tek Dual Pod A Pillar
- 52 mm Greddy Boost
- 52 mm Greddy EGT

- K&N Air Charger
- Polished Y-Pipe

- 6 Speed Manual Transmission
- SouthBend TZ Clutch
- Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel

  Brakes / Tires / Suspension
- Sumitomo HTR+ Tires
- Hawk HPS Brake Pads
- Bradi Slotted / Dimpled Rotors

- Stillen Downpipe
- Gutted Pre-Cats

- DSM 450 cc Injectors
- Walbro 255 lph Pump
- Apexi S-AFC

  Turbo / Turbo Related
- DR-500 Turbos
- TurboXS Type-H BOV

- Side Mount Intercoolers
- Engine
- Heads
- Transmission
- Cat-Back Exhaust

Our first Track Day. What an amazing launch!


Her first plug change, thanks to EnigmaVR4 (pictured in the engine bay).


Shining in the sun!


Visiting with Todd and Cassandra.


The seats before we changed them.


New two-tone leather!


And the back seats too!


It was a dark and foggy night...


Nice and clean!


Playing in the rain.


One wet VR-4.


Custom gauges created by SMO Cat herself.


Look! We have a VR-4 Spyder!


Our second Track Day. Ukyo vs. SMO Cat.


Back from the track.


Resting in the driveway.


Brand new rotors and SMO Cat's Performance Diamonds.


Enjoying the sunset.


In the afternoon sun.


Basking in the winter sun.


Close-up of the paint.


Front angle.


Participating in the GA Z Car Lapping Day.


At the Michelin Testing Facility for the Grassroots Motorsports shoot.


At the Michelin Testing Facility in Laurens, SC.


Gripping through the turns!


At the Grassroots Motorsports shoot.


Open wide!


The engine bay.


After the rain. See the rainbow?


Parked atop Deal's Gap.


Tranny guts spilled on the track.


Gear oil, anyone?


Bits and pieces!


The shattered transmission.




A scan of her best time slip.


An unexpected ice storm hit.


Encased in ice.


My nose is cold!