Our First Pond

This is our first pond. It was about 100 gallons, with two waterfall sections. The pictures of the pond were taken when it was first installed. We added mulch to fill in the dirt areas, and planted more flowers around the pond. Unfortunately, we never took any pictures of the finished pond.

We have since moved, and left his pond behind. But we kept our wet pets! They lived in a 30 gallon aquarium in our living room for several months until we were able to complete our current pond.

We learned a lot from this pond. We did some things right and did a lot of things wrong. Having a pond is definitely not as simple as digging a hole in the ground and tossing in some fish. Well, not if you want to keep your fish alive, anyway! We learned lots of good stuff from The Pond Doc and bought the supplies for our current pond from him as our way of thanking him for his expertise.

The pond and surrounding flower garden.


A closer view of the pond.


Dinner time for the pond residents!


Our first fish, Cal, Sara, and Koi-du-roy.


Sara as a baby. She was so tiny!


One of our many critter visitors.


Now I know how he got in! I had no idea turtles were so agile!


This little fellow liked our pond so much he moved in!


How cute! He's sitting on a lily pad and holding himself up with some water lettuce!


We would put the fish into this little aquarium while we cleaned the pond.


Cal, Sara, and Koi. Look how much they've grown already!


We even brought in the frog to keep him from hopping away!


A blue-tailed skink that came to visit. How cool is that tail?


Cal and Koi passed away due to a ph crash, so we got new fish. Frank, Calfin, Sara, and Spook.


We named Frank after Frankenstein, because he looks pieced together. This is a closeup of his deformed mouth.


A good picture of Calfin. What a beauty!


All of our flowers were given to us from Mrs. Bayne, including this Iris.






A closeup of the Iris.


One of the water lilies in bloom.


Tiger Lily.


Stargazer Lily.