Pond Construction and Progress


We broke ground on May 28, 2005. It started raining later that day and it rained almost constantly for about a month. We had to pump water out of the hole just so we could work on it. It was a muddy swamp for a long time! But with the help of some friends, we were finally able to complete it. Well, honestly, it's doubtful that we will ever consider it fully completed, as we'll always be working on the landscaping, but it's definitely up and running.

November 24, 2004: The back yard before any modifications were made. This is straight out of our bedroom window.

Just slightly to the left of the previous picture.

The site of the pond-to-be.

December 11, 2004: We installed a fence to prepare for having a large body of water present.

Another shot of the new fence and the area where the pond will be.

The back door and patio. The pond will be on the right.

May 28, 2005: We scalped the land in the shape of the pond-to-be.

Travis and Bill cleaned up the edges a bit. (Note the dirt in mid-air on the right.)

Scott assisted on the backhoe.

June 2, 2005: April showers brought May showers, which lead to June showers, and progress slowed to a crawl.

We had to build up the right side of the pond to create a sort of levee so the pond would be level.

Here you can see the plumbing trench. Also note that we notched out shelves for the rocks to sit on.

The bottom drain was installed (shown here coverless), the liner was put in, and the pond was ready to fill.

June 19, 2005: Completely filled and running! Finally! Note the normal and healthy new tree beside the pond.

Another shot of the now functional, though not so pretty, pond.

More of the functioning pond.

This is the equipment that runs the pond. There's a pump that takes water from the bottom drain, then a bead filter, then a UV filter, and then back to the waterfall.

Another shot of the running pond. I put this one in so you could see all the shovels and such. Makes me tired all over again just to see this picture.

The pond, as seen from our bedroom. Note the now dying tree. When Dave and Travis are told to "break up the root ball," they take it seriously.

June 28, 2005: We finished trimming up the liner and filled in some rocks.

A closer picture of the waterfall that I never liked.

Looking from the waterfall.

June 28, 2005: The wet pets were finally released into their new home! They seemed so tiny in this new giant pond!

April 11, 2006: We extended the patio, installed some edging, and filled in with some mulch. Then we needed more flowers!

Another shot of the mulched pond.

The pond equipment again, now nicely mulched and edged. Travis and I did all that PVC work ourselves. I'm proud of the job we did.

June 10, 2006: Summer flowers in bloom. We still need more! You'll also note that we got a new tree. We call him "The Stick."

February 17, 2007: Look! Ice! We certainly don't see that everyday.

May 5, 2007: I continued to not like that waterfall, so we finally tore it down and rebuilt it. This is after said rebuild.

Another shot of the pond and newly renovated waterfall.

A closer look at the new waterfall. So much nicer!

June 15, 2007: Now, here is an example of why you should tie down your gazebo. Luckily, no fish were harmed during this catastrophe.

August 20, 2007: The gazebo is now firmly in place and things are lookin' pretty good.

The patio area, as seen from the waterfall.

January 19, 2008: Only a true Atlantan would be so excited to take pictures of this little bit of snow.

Snow is such a rare thing around here, so I took a picture of the front yard as well.

Same day, two hours later. It snowed pretty steadily for a couple of hours, so we ended up with a fair amount.

May 17, 2008: We had a party the night before. After taking a bath in our pond on his previous visit, Alberto was alloted a smaller tub.

No Albertos in the pond!

June 18, 2008: We installed a little dragon spitter. We call him Trogdor, the Spitanator. (If you don't get that, see Strongbad Emails and watch "dragon.")

July 10, 2008: The most recent photo of the pond... without a ton of weeds around it.

July 26, 2008: We had a couple of fishies get sick, so we decided to Melafix the whole pond. "Foaming may occur during treatment."

Swirly neatness.

Looks like a bubble bath for the fish!