Flowers and Plants


I really enjoy our flowers, but I don't enjoy digging or weeding. Such a dilemma tends to create neglect, I'm learning. But we have mostly perennials, so they come back without us having to worry about them. Trouble is, so does the grass, so weeding is a never ending chore. I bought most of the flowers online and planted the bulbs. No real rhyme or reason to it - I just grabbed whatever caught my eye.

Our lovely Hibiscus shows off.

The water lily in bloom.

A closer view of that pretty bloom. The water lily is about 2.5 feet under the surface, so these blooms travel a long way.

This plant blooms first each year - a Tahiti Daffodil.

Another bloom on another day.

A Lollypop Asiatic Lily.

A Yellow Electric Lily.

A little Bloodgood Japanese Maple. We call him "Little Red."

One of our Frances Williams Hostas. We have eight of them and they have gotten huge over the years!

The row of hostas. I need to take an updated picture to show how big they are, but the deer keep eating them!

An Enchantment Lily.

A Corina Lily.

A group of Yellow Electric Lilies.

One of the blooms from a package of mixed Asiatic Lilies.

A beautiful group of white Asiatic Lilies.

Some of the blooming flowers around the pond.

Our beautiful Hibiscus bush, in its second year.

A lovely Electric Lily.

A Stargazer Lily.

Our first blooms from our bed of Fringed Gladiolus.

Another variety from the Mixed Asiatic Lilies package.

A coral shade of Fringed Gladiolus.

I had to take more pictures after a rainfall.

It was just so pretty!

Fringed Gladiolus - yellow with red throats!

A peachy shade of Fringed Gladiolus.

More of the Glads in bloom.

A variety called a Shocking Lily.

A Bristol Stripe Dahlia.

One of my favorite plants, Purple Fountain Grass.

The Hibiscus, looking pretty as usual.

The top view of an Eye of the Tiger Iris.

An Eye of the Tiger Iris.

The Daffodils and Irises make a pretty early spring combination.

A Batik Iris. Check out this color!

Another Iris variety. This one is a Louisiana Iris and is velvety to the touch.

This is also a Batik Iris, but this one is much lighter in color.

A pretty white Oriental Lily.

More pretty Lilies.

On occasion, we toss in some Floating Water Hyacinth.

They're usually quick to take over. The fish enjoy nibbling their roots.

Some White Oriental Lily action.

An Emily McKenzie Crocosmia.

Crocosmia buds.