Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New York Rangers
January 7, 2010


This was our first home game since December 21, so it had been a while. In the meantime, the boys repeatedly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and we had lost nine games in a row. Just painful, I tell ya. What's worse is that we had no business losing some of those games. Not all of them, mind you - we flat out sucked for a couple of them. But there were several that we really should have won. Well fought losses, Travis calls them. Yeah, well, those suck when you need points.

This will be one of my last games with my "stock" camera lens. I have a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens on its way. I'm so excited about it! In the meantime, I got an Expodisc to help set my white balance. You can only set the white balance if you have the camera in a manual mode, so I had to set the shutter speed and aperture myself. I most often just shoot in auto mode, since that's where I generally have the most luck. It's all good, though, cause I need to get used to the manual controls anyway, if I'm ever going to make it in the real world. ;) In the end, I guess I'm pretty happy with the results. Definitely looking forward to the new lens!

Nik Antropov was featured on the program. Interestingly, he didn't play this game due to a mystery injury.

We arrived in time for warm-ups, but I decided to just chill in my seat and fiddle with the camera.

Chad Johnson, the NHL's own Ochocinco, doing some stretches.

More camera fiddling, more Moose.

I can't be sure, but it looks like Afinogenov's head is thrown back in laughter.

He appears to be writhing in pain, but it's really just one of the weirdest stretches ever.

Pavelec and Salmela, chilling in the corner.

"Did that one get by?"

Pavs taking some shots.

Bogosian was warming up helmetless.

Slater, exiting the ice. He would end up getting his third goal in two games. Go Slates!

Bogo is usually one of the last, if not the last, player off the ice after warm-ups.

Ochocinco here constantly had that left hand up in the air. No pucks were getting by that glove, if he had anything to do with it. I thought it was kinda cute.

Afinogenov and Avery got in a bit of a scuffle. Once in the box, they continued to shout at each other. It was awesome.

Some action in front of the Moose.

Boulton and Brashear came pretty close to getting into it. That would have been fun.

Johnson made a bunch of killer saves. One in particular on Peverley was incredible. Here's one on Little.

You can see Slater's goal here. :)

I think they're about to make him turn this car around.

Another near fight.

Kovy was about to participate, but the ref wanted to play "guess who."

There's a Moose buried somewhere in this mess.

We tied at one through overtime, so we proceeded to the shootout. Afinogenov went first and was stopped. Here, Moose stopped this shot.

Kozlov was next and is generally golden in a shootout.

Little put it home. It doesn't look like it in this picture, but it shot out from behind Johnson and went in!

And we won! Yes!

It's been too long since our boys have gotten to pile out on the ice in a congratulatory huddle.

"Be still. I can hear your heart beating."

Third star: Bogosian.

Second star: Hedberg. Mooooose!

First star: Slater.

Slater presented his stick to a 10 year season ticket holder.

We left the arena to find a light blanket of snow on the ground. Very rare in Atlanta. We're in the midst of a real cold snap. Brr!

Looking back toward the arena and the big columns that spell "Atlanta."