Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Washington Capitals
January 9, 2010


Ugh! This is another one of those where the team seemed to play well, but my god, the results were terrible. Just terrible. I hate to say it, but I really feel like it was our goaltending that let us down this time. And it just seems like things refuse to go our way. We get good chances, but just no luck. We even had one goal, about half way through the first period, that freakin' went IN, but they didn't review it and didn't give it to us. What crap! That seemed like the turning point in the game and things went downhill fast.

Traffic and parking were ridiculous. It turns out there was some tractor pull or something extremely "red" going on in the Dome next door. So, we arrived a few minutes into the game. I didn't seem to feel much like pictures, and as the game went on, it seemed to get even worse. C'mon guys, let's get it together!

I certainly hope Casino Night is more fun.

Kovy on he cover.

Michal Neuvirth got the start for the Caps.

Moose started for us.

Ovechkin now wears the "C" on his jersey. He's a very "me first" kind of player, so I have no idea why they would make that decision.

I believe the puck is now bouncing somewhere behind the net. I can't find it in this picture.

18 shots for us. No goals. 6 shots for them. 3 goals. WTH?

"Mom! Poti's laying on Salmela again!"

Why is Pavelec out there, you ask?

9 shots and 4 goals, that's why! Jesus H. Christ!

Bogo and this guy were shoving each other around. Knuble, maybe? I'm not sure.

Ovechkin pushed Kane down and a pile-up ensued.

I was hoping to photograph a cool save. Instead, I got goal # 7.

The final tally...