Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Buffalo Sabres
January 14, 2010


Another one point loss. What are you gonna do? Miller was great, as was Pavelec. It was tied one to one going into overtime. An unfortunate penalty was called on Zach Bogosian and Buffalo was able to take advantage of a man advantage. At least we got a much needed point.

In the meantime, here are some interesting accomplishments for this game. Kovalchuk scored the only goal, and it was on a power play. That puts him at 10 power play goals, and so third in the league. He's also earned at least one point in each game against the Sabres this season. But even cooler, cause who would have seen it coming, is that little Toby Enstrom is now tied with Yannick Tremblay for Thrashers franchise all time points by a defenseman with 107! I, for one, think that's very cool, and I'm looking forward to some record breaking very soon!

Well, of course, former Sabre Max Afinogenov had to be on the program cover!

Time for warm ups and the boys storm out of the locker room.

It's a cascade of pucks!

The Moose.

Bogosian ruined my shot of Kovy. Punk.

If you wanted a picture so bad, you should have just said so.

Pavelec stretching. He's got a puck with him. I wonder if he sleeps with one too?

There, that's better. OK Zach, you're forgiven.

Max is Afinogenov this shot! Hahaha!

Pavelec anticipates some action.

Valabik skates in.

I have no idea what happened to Marty. He wasn't in a fight that I can recall. Was he high sticked? Did he fall down? Is he abused at home? What's the story, Marty?

Bogo has gone helmetless in the past few warm ups. The ladies have been pleased.

A very tense looking Slater.

Hainsey shoots on Pavelec.

Grrr, Peverley! Grrr!

Look! There's Toby! Our soon-to-be record breaker!

Thorburn takes his turn.

And Kane takes his.

I'm beginning to think Kubina's face is just stuck this way. Every time. Every picture. Or so it would seem.

"Dear God, please keep the crazy Moose ladies away from me. Amen."

Got it.

Bogo takes a shot.

And stands around looking cute.

As I've said, I take more pics of Bogo when my sister's around. She was there, so here he is again.

The Stance in the spotlight. Double bonus!

Get it! Get it! Get it!

Just a little disruption in the corner. Not much to talk about.

Glove save!

You know, I really thought this would be a sexy picture. Instead, it's probably the worst pic I've taken of Pavs so far. What a let down.

What the heck is he up to? Is he doing his own ice repairs now?

Second period. Blocking shots.

All but that one.

Hainsey strikes a pose.

Virginia has been quite busy around the arena lately. Zamboni on Tuesday. Match Game on Thursday. And she won! She got an autographed Enstrom jersey. Yeah, I'm jealous.

Now, isn't this just a fine picture of Ryan Miller hauling ass to the Sabres bench because they called a penalty on us?

The puck is on the ice, just in front of Vanek's right leg. You can just see it.

I think it got away.

Peverley breaks into the Sabres end.

Aw! They look like little boys piled into a tent, getting ready for bed. Only they forgot their sleeping bags.

I'm not sure who was supposed to bring the sleeping bags, but it seems several of the guys are quite let down by the oversight.

Peverley wants in on the action again.

Valabik fights a battle along the boards.

Is he even looking at the puck? Freakin' show off.

Bwahahaha! I love it! Get him, Thrash!

Bogo is right in the midst of this one. Stink eye, anyone?

Pavelec, in his usual resting place along the boards.

Bogosian was on the receiving end of this check.

Hainsey just loves him some Derek Roy. Just look at that bear hug!

He loves Stafford too! Group hug!

Wow. Dramatic check.

One of the many reasons I like goalies. They pounce like cats.

Hahaha! I have no idea what to say for this one. I need to hold a "caption this" contest.

I'm pretty sure this one's in the glove. (That's the tip of a stick on the bottom.)

Pavs keeps it under him somewhere.

Crap. Lost in overtime. And Sabres fans are annoying.