Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
January 19, 2010


This game almost scared me. We were tied at 0 for some time, then suddenly went down 2 to 0 in no time at all. All seemed lost. But the boys rallied back for a 4 to 3 win! Yes!

We played musical chairs throughout most of this game. Very unusual for us, but here's what happened. We sat in our usual seats for the first period, but were very irritated, thanks to this camera that just sprang up in our way. You'll see later.

Then we moved down to Section 113, so they could film us on the Two Minute Drill. Basically, all you have to do is sit there for two minutes. If the Thrashers score, you win a $150 gift card to a "Here to Serve" restaurant. When the camera man squatted down in front of us, he said, "I have a good feeling about this." Within moments, the Thrashers scored! Yes! Only it was right before our two minutes began. Boo. So, we didn't win, but they gave us a $50 gift card just for doing it. Works for me!

Some of our buddies were seated up at the top of Section 114, and we went to talk to them in between the second and third periods. We ended up staying there for the remainder of the game.

Ex Maple Leaf Pavel Kubina was featured on the program.

Warm ups begin and Hedberg is like, "Dude, did you step in dog poo?"

Pavelec is ready for action.

Ignore the puck rolling along the ice back there. The real action is happening just in front of his glove. Sweet camera work, I must say. ;)

Moose warms up a bit.

Marty looks perplexed.

Bogo handles the puck.

Pavelec continues to be ready for action.

Kubina parks along the boards.

Johan Hedberg chats with Jonas Gustavsson. Fellow Swedes. Neat.

Boulton is just about to shoot.

Slater watches the action.

Bogosian gets ready for the pass.

Time for some Pavelec spotlight action.

This is what we saw on our left side during the first period. $70 a seat for this.

Kovy is set up for the face-off.

Our two minutes of fame begins! Virginia kindly captured some footage for us.

About thirty seconds in... Still tied at 2.

More of the action, from Michelle's vantage point.

And lastly, the view from Kerry's camera. Gotta love the support!

Army and Exelby shoved each other around a bit.

A little shoving on the other end.

You gotta keep 'em separated.

Dramatic save! I knew I liked this picture the instant I took it.

Further examination of said photo shows that the puck smacked him upside the head.

Kubina drops down on one knee to block the passing lane.

Pavs works on his breakdancing.

Then he squishes his 6'2" self into a tiny ball.

More action involving Exelby on this end. He would have a big hit on Kozlov later. Now, what was that all about, Ex? You guys used to be friends!

The boys lined up on the bench.

Third period starts and the boys are welcomed like rock stars.


We'll call this one "invisible puck," cause I don't have a clue where it is.

Vesa Toskala tries to impress the ladies.

Mmm. Yes, I think I'm starting to feel thirsty too.

Umm... Slater?

After knocking his helmet off, Beauchemin incurs the stare down from Antropov.

Tensions rise and Thorburn steps over to investigate. A fight would insue, but I wasn't able to get good pics because of the angle it was at. Too close to the boards on our side.

Pavelec glides over to the bench.

"And stay down!"

Hmm. Methinks this guy is at the wrong convention.

Ack! Pavs lost his stick! Chaos insues! But we managed to fight them off. It's all good.

Hainsey pulls his usual "delay of game" stunt and is ushered to the sin bin. Gee, thanks.

"I've got 10:15. Is that what you've got?"

Toskala skates over for an extra skater. It was a 6 on 4 for the last minute! Oh noz!

But we kept the Leafs at bay! Bogosian literally jumped into Pavelec's arms to celebrate. Too bad I didn't catch that - it was adorable!

I did, however, catch the "Kozlov Punch." He always gives the goalies a right hook on the chin when they win.

Pavelec: "Wait up, Moose. What the hell is that on Valabik's neck?"
Valabik: "Huh?"

Pavs was third star!


Kovy was first star with two goals! Hey, that's the same camera man we had for the Two Minute Drill!

He signed a stick for a long time season ticket holder. I'm guessing it was really the dude in the back.

The final score.

On to the Taco Mac Post Game Show. Totally diggin' this guy's shirt!

And the back!

In spite of my hardest wishes for Ondrej Pavelec, our guest of the night was Evander Kane.

Checking out the action on TV.

He scored on a wrap around. Darren gave him some friendly ribbing for trying it so often.

*cheesy grin*

Oh yeah, the wound on his face was recently placed there by a puck. Ouch. Well, see you later, Kaner!