Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Carolina Hurricanes
January 21, 2010


I don't even know where to begin. We should have completely dominated the Hurricanes. They have had a sucky season, to say the least. But apparently the suck on these damned red jerseys is even harder. Just like the Maple Leafs game, we gave up two goals pretty quickly in the first period. I was hoping we'd battle back like the Leafs game, but we didn't. We fell 4 to 0, before finally making it 4 to 2. In the last minutes, Pavelec was pulled to allow an extra skater, and the newly appointed Hurricanes Captain Eric Staal got the empty-netter, and a hat trick. This is the second time I've seen this guy get a hat trick in our building. And the suckage continues.

Colby Armstrong was featured on the program. He did net one of our two goals for the evening.

I didn't get warm up pics, since we were enjoying some STH pre-game refreshments in one of the party suites. It was a good view of one of the flaming bird heads, though.

We returned to our seats for the game. There's our other goal scorer, Rich Peverley.

Pavelec. Spotlight. You know the drill.

These jerseys also suck my will to take pictures, so my timing was off all night.

Some hockey action in the corner.

Cam Ward does some stretching while they review what would be a Hurricanes goal.

Pavelec shows he can do it too.

I would say the odds are stacked against Reasoner here.

Salmela throws a check.

Kovy gets up-ended and loses the puck.

Ward makes a save on Slater.

A little more checking.

Even Peverley got in on the action.

We were watching the action when all of the sudden, Thorburn takes some guy down.

This fight looks like it took place in reverse.

They started off on the ground, then they were standing.

Boulton seems displeased as well.

Kovy gets ready to take a shot.

They crashed.

Ward gives up a rebound that we weren't in position to take advantage of.

Pavelec sends one to the corner.

Pavs comes way out of net, waiting for his signal to abandon ship.

The extra skater comes on the ice and activity increases around the Canes' net.

Time out Atlanta.

There was almost another fight at the end involving Boris, but it never materialized. This unfortunate score, however, did.