Atlanta Thrashers Season Ticket Holder Skating Party
January 23, 2010


Each year, the Thrashers open up the Philips Arena ice to the season ticket holders. Of course, we couldn't pass up an opportunity like this! We've all been ice skating once before. It went pretty much the same way. Travis is a natural. I'm god awful. Kalia is only slightly better than me. Knowing that disaster would certainly occur if I took my big ol' camera, we used Kalia's much smaller, pocketable camera for this adventure.

We changed into our skates in the locker room. Travis stands at Peverley's stall.

Kalia went to Bogosian's stall, of course.

Most of their gear was gone since they're on a road trip, but their helmets remained. So, Kalia tried on Bogo's helmet.

One of Kari's blocker pads was in his stall. It's kind of a weird picture, cause I was distracted by some whiny kid just over Kalia's shoulder.

This thing is huge! I imagine all of his gear is. Check it out - it has Lehtonen stitched on it at the wrist.

The entrance to the ice.

Kalia, sitting on the player bench. Their feet actually reach the ground.

I'm going over the boards!

Travis at center ice.

Kalia and I chill on the bench and work up our courage.

OK, I'm out on the ice, and I'm vertical. Yes, I'm holding on to that wall, but that's as good as it gets for me.

Kalia was more brave, but her skating was more like awkward walking.

Travis pretends he's an official. "No goal!"

Chilling in the penalty box.

More penalty box action.

Kalia worked up the courage to make it to center ice as well. Not me, man. This ice skating takes some getting used to.

I'll just sit here where the goalies do.

Travis rocks this ice skating stuff!

Kalia marches around the rink.

Travis poses in the crease.

Kalia does it too. Again, I'm chilling over near the wall.

Intentional photo bomb.

This is how the back-up goalies stand when they're intensely watching the action on the ice.

Travis explains the markings of the face off circle.

They prepare for an imaginary face off. I'm told they later got in a mock fight as well, but I missed it.

After an hour, our ice time was up. Since I'd never seen it, here's a pic of the visiting team's locker room.

Kalia poses with Pavelec's neck guard.

You could choose between figure skates and hockey skates. Travis went with hockey skates.

These are the more used-looking warm up nets.

This is the tunnel the zambonis use to get to the ice.

Zamboni garage.

The ice trough.

Here are the game nets. I'm about to fall backwards!

Travis pretends he's a goalie.

Just for comparison's sake, Kari's butt comes up to the crossbar when he's on skates.

We also won an autographed Zach Bogosian third jersey! This is the real deal too, with a fight strap and everything. Price tag: $384.