Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Anaheim Ducks
January 26, 2010


This evening didn't start out so great. We had scored some free tickets for our friends and we had a whole crew going. But fate had other plans. Travis is in IT, you see, and at about 4:30 PM (just before quitting time), all communications went down. He wasn't going to make it. Thanks to this, two other members of our crew were held up too, being in the same department. I was less than thrilled that my evening (that we'd already made a significant investment in) was going down the tubes. Thankfully, my mom and sis were among the group of free ticketees, so I did have someone to hang with. That helped some. Travis ended up working 33 hours straight. I went to a hockey game. I suppose things could have been worse, huh?

In the end, we had a great time and watched a kick ass hockey game. Spirits were much improved by the time we got home.

P.S. Thanks to not having my designated pack horse with me, I didn't get a program to scan. Eh. I bet you don't even miss it. And look, don't give me any crap about him being my pack horse either. Have you seen this giant camera I carry around? ;)

We arrived a little late into warm ups thanks to all the drama. Marty Reasoner here with an excellent look on his face.

Look! Shiny new pads for the Pavster.

A new haircut for the Bogo.

And a new mask for the Moose. Man, oh man! Excitement everywhere!

Pavelec is wondering when I will have finally gotten enough pictures of him.

More footage of the Moose mask. It isn't really "new," it's the one he wore a few years ago when we went to the playoffs.

More freshly shorn Bogo.

A closer examination of the mask.

He brought it out of storage because the Sponge Moose one got damaged.

Valabik was assembled backwards this evening. Reminds me of Space Balls. "Why didn't someone tell me my ass was this big?!"

Peverley can always be counted on for good puck-shooting faces.

Bogo tries one on too.

Jimmy Slater puts some stank on it.

Evander Kane takes a shot.

Nik Antropov.

Pavel Kubina, on the wind up.

Pavelec is wearing the hat Kalia "inspected" at the Skating Party. ;)

Moose was actually still for a second. Holy cow!


Jonas Hiller. This was my first time seeing him live. He's out for my own goalie-lovin' heart. Just look at that funny stance!

Cat pounce!

He was a serious lid-flipper. Very thirsty, as most goalies are, but never drank through the mask. The result: lots of photo opportunities. All goalies should be so kind.

Moose exposed himself a few times as well.

Thorburn and Brown got in a fight.

Thorsy's last fight ended quickly when they both fell down. He was so determined to keep this one going that he picked the guy back UP. Too funny!

More fight action.

Hmm. Kinda looks like Hainsey is trying to put the puck in our net again.

Hiller blocks some shots.

Afinogenov swiped at the puck on his way down.

Oh yeah, Ryan Getzlaf.

Whitey shoots toward the net.

Maybe it's his weird stance. Maybe it's something about the picture. But Jonas Hiller looks like a tiny goalie in this pic.

Hiller is saying, "Aw dude, that's just wrong."

"How did that last goal go in?"



Getzlaf again.

Hiller again. Trust me, I got lots more that I'm not putting you through.

Scrappy scrap.

Scrapity scrap.

Ugh! Johan! Do NOT talk to them! They suck!

A ballsy move, this one. We had a power play and the Ducks pulled their goalie. Yeah. Really.

But we pulled through!

Boris Valabik was third star.

Colby Armstrong was second.

Johan Hedberg was # 1!

Even while taking pictures of the final score, I can manage to get them blinking. Go me.

I could not get a good pic of Boris at the post game show. He appears terrified of Darren here.

Maybe a little thoughtful? Regardless, he's been doing much better these days, so go Boris!