Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
February 2, 2010


Walking in, I was completely oblivious to the fact that this could be Ilya Kovalchuk's last game as a Thrasher. Everyone in Atlanta knows that trade talks have started, but it just wasn't on my mind. This was our attempt at a "Take Two" for last week's Tuesday game where Travis was kept at work for 33 hours straight. We again tried to meet up with some friends to enjoy the game together. This time, we were successful! We met and ate in the CNN Center, so we missed a few minutes of warm ups, but it's no biggie. Time spent with friends is time well spent.

Oh yeah, no program cover again. We got one this time, but then just forgot it and left it at our seats. Ha, oh well.

My sister was with me, so of course I got a pic of Bogo for her.

It looks like I caught Max in mid-sigh.

I think in order to be successful at hockey, you must always have your mouth open and/or your tongue out.

See what I mean?

Army looks intense.

Mouth open: check.

Pile up on Moose!

Time for the game!

Opening face-off.

We've noticed that Max turns on his heels a lot. You can kinda see him doing it in this pic.

Toby helps Pavs guard the net.

Thrash tries to get them to waive off the Lightning's goal, but the refs let it stand.

You would think that kids would be afraid of Thrash, being a giant mascot and all, but they seem to love him.

Chaos in front of our net.

Kovy was in the midst of all this.

Here he is on his way to the bench after his little discussion with the Lightning.

Pavelec steps out of goal to play the puck.

Niitty gets into position to block some shots.

Pavs bangs his stick on the ice to warn that the power play is almost over.

I think this is so cute. He looks like a kid that just caught a lightning bug.

Niittymaki does "The Lean."

Time out. Somebody broke the glass.

Pavelec stuck in this position for a long time during the glass switch-out.

Kovy battles for the puck.

Pavs makes a save.

You can just see the puck between his blocker and his right pad.

Glancing up from under the mask.

Then one mean game of Twister broke out over on the Lightning side.

Thirsty Pavs.

The usual gang of ruffians from the top deck. They love to harrass St. Louis.

My friend that sometimes dresses as a Man in Black reminded me to take plenty of pics of Kovy. I'm glad he did.

Soak it in while you can. These days are almost over.

We were down 2 to 1, so Pavelec came way out of net to prepare for an extra attacker.

The signal was made and here he comes!

Kovy during a break in the action.

Coasting around like he's been doing lately.

One last shot on goal.

But it did no good. We couldn't put it in the back of the net. Final score and three stars.