Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Florida Panthers
March 2, 2010


It's been nearly a month since we've last seen our Thrashers! And boy, was it time for some hockey! Well, the past month wasn't entirely hockey free. There were the Olympics in Vancouver. Team USA made an excellent showing and went home with silver medals. Team Canada won the gold on an overtime goal from, you guessed it, Sidney Crosby. I don't think it could have been scripted better. Also, just as the Olympics were wrapping up, the Thrashers that were still in town held a Skills Challenge at their practice facility. Very uncharacteristically, I chose not to bring my camera in, so no pics of that to share, but it was very fun and I hope they do it again.

There were also some trades made before and after the Olympics. Most devastatingly (to me, anyway), they traded my favorite Thrasher, Kari Lehtonen, to the Dallas Stars. He doesn't have the best track record when it comes to health, so we basically got peanuts in return. I am going to miss him dearly, and my Stars watching has already increased as a result. We also picked up Evgeny Artyukhin and Clarke MacArthur, but they didn't play in this game. Certainly we'll see them on Thursday.

Alright, let's get this going!

"I want to be on the program cover!" "Oduya?"

Well, look, there he is now!

Hedberg shows off his new helmet during his patented "Moose Cruise."

Hainsey gives it hell.

Toby realizes that my sister has the camera now and seems a bit disturbed.

Eric Boulton.

Hey, hot stuff.

Rich Peverley.

Moose does not approve.

Niclas Bergfors.

Evander Kane.

Ooh, I like how this one came out!

I read that they've officially chosen Moose as the #1 starter. I'm already kinda missing seeing Pavelec. At least he's still around, though.

Antropov and his fluffy locks.

Afinogenov and his crazy skating style.

Look who's back! Schubi! Or as Ethan would later call him, Schubes. That puts my mind in the gutter (no surprise there), so I'm gonna stick with Schubi. (Yeah, I bet his schubes are red too.)

I have no idea what Armstrong was doing over there.

I wonder if Zach is ever going to get new shorts. He's gonna wear these until we can see his schubes.

Alright! Opening face-off!

Scott Clemmensen blocks a shot from Bryan Little. (The puck is just over the Tires Plus sign.)

Thrashers goal #1! Whoo hoo!

Thrash puts some voodoo magic on the Panthers.

It worked! Thrashers goal #2! See Thrash in the back?

Moose shows off his new helmet.

Clemmers blocked this shot from Thorburn.

Moose did not block this shot from Scott Weiss.

Schubert takes it to the Panthers' zone.

Clemmers hangs on for dear life.

Hainsey passes.

Bogosian is lost in a sea of white.

Slide to the left. Slide to the right.

I can tell from the way he holds his stick so high and skates on his heels, that this is Max Afinogenov.

I have no idea where the puck is in this pic.

The team comes out to congratulate Moose on his win. Sergio's hat comes out to say hello as well. ;)

The final tally, and the Thrashers' 300th win!

Jim Slater was our post game show guest. You can barely see some type of cast / brace on his right arm here.

Jimmy answers some questions.

One more of Jimmeh. Good night, boys!