Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New York Islanders
March 4, 2010


Evgeny Artyukhin and Clarke MacArthur joined the team for this game and made their presence felt! They both scored, along with Niclas Bergfors, who is still a new guy too. As fun as the Panthers game was, this one was even better! It is a good time to be a Thrashers fan. :)

Our penalty killer extraordinaire, Marty Reasoner, was the featured player on the program.

I just simply cannot get a good Moose in the spotlight picture. I wonder if he knows he doesn't literally have to say "cheese."

I didn't arrive in time for warm-ups, so I got this pic of Artyukhin during the action.

The LAB line scores and Bergy shows us his "yay" face.

After three unanswered goals, the Islanders decide to pull Roloson. Alright! Some Martin Biron action!

Bogosian pushed Sim down with some authoritah, and what the heck is Schubert doing over there?

Moose is like, "Yeah, while you were over there shoving Sim around, Schubert totally made out with this guy."

Moose makes a save. He ends up making lots, actually.

This one made me think of the Olympic speed skating, where they always stretch out their skates to get across the line first.

Slater sends it a little wide.

As you might can tell from the shadowy jubilation, we scored!

Hmph. I'm surprised Darth gave him the night off.

Moose closes the door on Bailey.

The Thrashers were up 4 to 1 at the end of the first period. Bryan Little approves.

Gervais attempts to play "keep away."

It looks like a goal here, but it wasn't.

The player suite is mighty crowded these days. Popovic, Esposito, Boulton, White, and Valabik.

The Thrashers have 6 goals on 18 shots. The Islanders have 1 goal on 31 shots. Someone's goaltending is not like the other.

Thrash rocks the shirt cannon. And just who IS that man in black?

Artyukhin is so good, he can hook people with his eyes closed.

Whoo hoo! Thrashers win! The Islanders tried to stage a come back, but thankfully, we held them off.

Goalie wuv.

Third star, Clarke MacArthur.

Second star, and Frankenstein look-alike, Evgeny Artyukhin.

Who was the first star? This guy!

Niclas Bergfors signs a stick for a 10 year season ticket holder.

And then visited us at the Taco Mac for the post game show.


If I found him more attractive, this would be adorable.

Bergy was all smiles!