Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Carolina Hurricanes
March 7, 2010


No, Winamp, I do not find it funny that you chose to play "Rock You Like a Hurricane" while I was editing these pictures.

New guy Niclas Bergfors sure has been getting a lot of press lately.

Helloooo Nurse!

One focused Armstrong.

I know I've taken this same picture of Slater a few times now.


Grrr, Part II.

Not so much a "grr," maybe more of an "umm."

Pavs making some saves.

Alright, new guy Clarke MacArthur.

Bogo looks like, "Huh. That really did go in."

You can see a little Moose peeking around on this side of Hedberg's new mask.

Evgeny Artyukhin is so tall, he had to bend down to fit in this picture.

MacArthur's "grr" face.

Remember Slava Kozlov?

That's not funny, Zach. He may have helped us tonight. Who knows?

Finally, Pavs in the spotlight. I love Moose, but he sucks at spotlight pictures.

I love when the goalies do this diving right to left thing here.


They had some older kids playing hockey during the intermissions.

Moose guarded the door.

Get it! Get it! Get it!

Some action along the boards.

A mad race to the puck.

Legace shows his "grr" face.

Not this time, Canes.

Not this time, Thrashers. Or any time, for that matter.

Artyukhin was trying so hard to get in a fight.

More pushing and shoving from Arty. He looks like he's twice this guy's size.

Thrash had a Baby Thrash during the second intermission.

No third period pictures. The game destroyed my energy. Well, that sucked. Grrr.