Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Calgary Flames
March 8, 2009


OK, I have to get this out of the way first: This game freakin' rocked!

There, I feel better.

No really, we were originally supposed to go with our friends Kira and Greg, but they weren't able to make the trip. So, we weren't going to go, but then my mom and sister expressed an interest, so we went after all. We got club seats for the first time, Section 103, Row N. The seats were awesome. But the game! Very fast paced, several good fights, and we won, which of course is always helpful. But here's the thing. The Thrashers have had a rough few seasons and at times just weren't playing where you knew they could. You can see talent on this team, but it's so frustrating that you just don't get to see the puck in the net like you want to. The past few weeks, the boys have stepped up and really started kicking butt. This game in particular was exactly what the fans have been needing to see. The team was playing great, the crowd was rockin', and even Rabid Fan was back with his beer guzzling antics. Everything was exactly as it should be.

Our tickets.

The program.

The team files out of the locker room. Lehtonen levitates over the ice.

Haha! Love the guy on the left. Yay!




Our newest defensive pairing, Bogosian and Enstrom.


The Flames' captain, Jarome Iginla.


Peters tries to keep it in the zone.




Kovy vs. Iginla and Phaneuf.

A little celebration after a goal.

Bogosian was hilarious, like a puppy that just wanted to get out and play!

Armstrong has a seat.

Miikka Kiprusoff adjusts his mask.

Zach Bogosian adjusts his mouthpiece.

A very common sight, Kari and his lens juice.




"Oh no, he didn't!"




"Don't hurt him, Jimmy."














Eric Boulton and James Vandermeer line up for the evening's best fight.






Boulton won this one, no question.








Nathan Oystrik and Eric Nystrom size each other up.

This reminds me of that scene in O Brother, where Everett and and Vernon Waltrip get in a fight in the Woolsworth.



What goalies do during fights.

"And then, he hit me in mah nose and he stole mah bukkit."








The end of the first period.

I love how Moose always bumps gloves with everyone as they leave the ice.

Last man out.

The second period begins and I catch Kari levitating again.

The boys file out to the bench.

Todd White becomes The Invisible Man.



I could imagine Kovy giving his kids this look.

"Oh... wait... my contact..."

















A friendly mid-ice bump.





The third period and Levitating Lehtonen strikes again.


The Moose!


"Oh no, not again!"






No surprise that X can be found in the middle of this pileup.




Bogosian tries out his own version of the Boris Death Stare.












Kari sits in disbelief after allowing the Flames' second (and last) goal.



















Another scuffle ensues.




What goalies do during fights.


The messy aftermath.


Z-Bo chooses his next target.



Yay! We won!



Moose steps out to congratulate Kari.


Kari lifted his stick in appreciation to the fans. (I caught it on the down swing.)

Kovy was named the game's First Star.

The post-game interview.

The final score.