Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Nashville Predators
March 9, 2010


I wanted revenge on the Predators after they beat us on our trip to Nashville. But it would seem as though the referees just have it out for us when we play Nashville (or any other team??). In Nashville, Kane scored on a break away, but they whistled the play dead due to a skirmish that had broken out on the other end. This time, Chris Thorburn scored what would have been the tying goal, but they waived it off and called it goaltender interference. You know, fine, if that's what it was, but just be consistent. That's all I'm asking. If they do the same crap to us, call it, alright? Unfortunately, that seemed to be the difference maker and we fell 2 to 1.

They usually put a player that we acquired from the team we're playing on the cover. Tonight was no exception.

What's better than one goalie? You guessed it!

Bryan Little warms up.

Marty Reasoner.

Toby Enstrom.

Rich Peverley.

Clarke MacArthur.

Zach Bogosian.

Chris Thorburn.

Todd White.

MacArthur again. I wonder if he knows it's behind him?


The Moose Cruise.
(™ Virginia Flowers)

Maxim Afinogenov.

Colby Armstrong.

Peverley can always be counted on for these top-notch puck shooting faces.

"Got it!" (Isn't that cute?)

Ondrej Pavelec.

Run! It's coming right for us! (Interestingly, I did get hit in the leg by a puck during warm-ups.)

Mark Popovic.

MacArthur again.

Pavelec deflecting some more shots.

Little lining up some shots.

Moose in the spotlight.

Dan Ellis in the net for the Preds.

Travis and Jeff on the jumbotron, playing Stats 101, where you answer statistical type questions about hockey and win prizes.

Like this question here. The answer was Niclas Bergfors. Travis won $80, and being the swell dude he is, gave half to Jeff.

It's trick photography. He actually taped the puck to his stick there. :p

Ellis has the puck in his glove there.

Slater fighting for possession.

Action in front of Ellis.

Looks like Tootoo slipped into baseball mode for a second here.

Off the pads and into no man's land.

Ellis's latest parlor trick is balancing the puck on his blocker pad.

Oh well. Could have been worse, I guess.