Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New York Rangers
March 12, 2010


Ah, Friday night in Blueland. The Thrashers haven't been playing worth a damn lately, so what did I do? Well, I got smashed, of course. We started off at Stats, just down the street. Travis won some gift cards for playing Stats 101 during the Predators game. It's a pretty cool place, actually. It's what I would call a "high end sports bar." And hey fellas, get this: They have beer taps at the tables. You heard right. Beer taps at the tables. Party on = very yes!

*sigh* We should have stayed at the bar.

We got Nik Antropov from the Rangers, so naturally, he was on the program cover.

Niclas Bergfors.

Three of my top four (now that Kari is gone).


Aside from the photo-bombing from Max, I like this pic of Bogo.

Warmin' up.

Oooh. Levitating puck. It's like a ghost puck.

Bogo playing "bounce the puck."

Todd White.

Bryan Little.

Ron Hainsey.

Who's that? Well, none other than Chris Chelios!


Evgeny Artyukhin.

Fellow Czechs, Kubina and Pavelec.

Bergy shoots on Pavs.

Oh. My. God. *thud*

Boultsy throws some tongue into it.

Toby Enstrom. Limbering up, I guess?

Colby Armstrong.

Johnny Oduya. He doesn't look like he does right now.

Pavel Kubina.


Cheli and C-Mac.

More Chelios. Who knows how many times I'll get to see him in a Thrashers jersey, so pic on!

Bogo! Not so hard - you're gonna pull something!

Nik Antropov and his fluffy warm-up hair.

Not bad for a 48 year old.

Alright. Opening face-off. A slightly different perspective than my usual vantage point.

Max shoots on Lundqvist.

Lundy prepares to make a stop.

These numbers are bad, mkay?

Little. He's either just getting up, or playing a little defense.

Some action on this side of the ice.

Yeah, that didn't go in.

Thrash bangs his drum.

I sense a slight disagreement in 3... 2... 1...

Yep, there it is.

Moose looks more like a frog now.

The puck is right over Olli Jokinen's glove there. Nifty.

The hand-off.

Antro bows up on Prust.

Moose makes a glove save. And does that not look painful on the left there?

Dramatic pad stacking save.

The boys in the suite. Look at Evander's little boot. Poor baby.

The frog pose, from another angle.

Anderson put Moose on the bench for an extra attacker in the final moments.

An empty-netter sealed our fate. Ugh. Fail.