Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Phoenix Coyotes
March 14, 2010


Prior to the game, we went to the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club meeting, where Evander Kane made an appearance.

He spoke briefly about his injury and thanked the fans for their dedication.

On to warm-ups and Toby Enstrom.

Bryan Little perfects his lean.

Pavelec would get the start for the evening.

Kubina and Afinogenov share a laugh.

Johnny Oduya.

Todd White.

A rather contorted Bryan Little.

Chris Thorburn. Very similar to the pic I took the other day.

Oh, Pavelec. Remember when you won games? Can we try for that again?

Moose seems to be in disbelief. "What? Pavelec got the start?"


Moose making some saves.

Look at his little beady eyes! Ha!

Haha, Peverley. I know I can count on you.

Game time. The net is a flurry of activity.

Max heads toward the Coyotes goal.

Jason LaBarbera got the start for the Yotes. Stretchy, stretchy.

Wolski abuses Oduya.

Some second period face-off action.

Oh, look at that. Someone taped a puck to LaBarbera's back! So embarrassing!

Chaos ensues.

Got it.

Pavs makes a toe save.

Followed by a glove save.

Followed by a stick save. I think this is the best he's performed in a while.

Toby swings by for another stick.

We played so hard, we knocked LaBarbera's gatorade off the net.

It was Thrash's birthday, so all the mascots came over to party. Fun!

The Blueland Bandit wants YOU!

Bogosian joined the boys in the suite. Rumor has it he suffered a little hand injury during the last game.

Ugh. Yotes goal.

Pavelec gets a little territorial.

LaBarbera makes a save.

I still think it's cool to see Chelios in a Thrashers jersey.

Thrash is all like, "Yeah, what he said!"

What amuses me here is the size difference among the referees.

HOW DID YOU MISS THAT?!?! GAHH!! This would have been our winning goal in overtime, but noooo...

Alright, let's proceed to the shootout. Antropov's shot is turned aside.

Wojtek Wolski doesn't score either.

Snow showers for Pavs.

And then this.

Bryan Little is denied.

Lauri Korpikoski misses. That's a girl's name anyway.

Peverley dekes.

And puts it in the back of the net!

Pavelec goes Moose on us and tries his poke check.

But Vrbata's shot found the back of our net. OK, fourth round!

MacArthur is shut down.

Aucoin, however, is not.

Crap. Coyotes win. Well, at least we got a point, right?