Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Buffalo Sabres
March 16, 2010


Time for the annual St. Patrick's Day green jersey fund raiser type thing. The boys wear their green jerseys (with the wonderfully coordinating blue socks) during warm-ups, sweat all over them, then sign them, and then they get auctioned off for charity. Win!

But more importantly, I knew we were gonna win this game. I just did. We had to.

Keeping with tradition, the program featured Max Afinogenov, who we acquired from the Buffahos.

Ah, looky here! Green jerseys!

Boulton says, "What? Green jerseys? Where?"

Todd is taking his toys and going home.

Bogo and Max.

The boys share a laugh.

Moose assumes the attack position.

Toby Enstrom.

Pavelec says, "OK, show me one more time..."

Ack! Skeletor!

Moose tells Hainsey to hurry it up already.

Oh man. How you doin'?

A closer look so we can see those pretty eyes. :)

Pavs takes a shot from Reasoner.

Army enthusiastically (?) wants to be next.

Popovic keeps a close watch on that Peverley guy.

Zach is bach!

Antro and C-Mac.

Chris Chelios with a few pucks.

Bryan Little.

Moose and Max.

Oh my, what is this? A goal a mere 33 seconds into the game? Ryan Miller! Shame on you!

And what is this? Another goal? Oh, hot damn. This is getting good. *moves to the edge of the seat*

Are you kidding me?! I mean, yeah, the Sabres are shooting 100% right now, but this is not like the Thrashers at all. I'll take it, though. :)

Patrick Lalime. We meet so soon.

That looks painful.

Some discussions in the corner.

The players file into the locker room after the first period.

Thrash impresses the ladies. (He got this from Kari.)

Pops looks all dramatic.

Speaking of drama. Whitey is down!

Hainsey skids to a stop.

Love it. Love it. Love it. (The picture, not the save.)

I think there's a trampled Moose in there somewhere.

Moose gets plowed into.

Ooh, the left to right pad save. Sweet.

Slater falls in 3... 2... 1...

Army tripped over Lalime here and ended up in the net.

Action in the Sabres end.

Defeat and victory, all at the same time. This would be goal #4. Woot!

Lalime redirects it wide.

He does it again.

More action in front of Lalime.

Ah ha! We found the back of the net again! Only... it was the wrong side of the net.

Thrash throws out some vibes.

Max misses an empty net. *hangs head in disbelief*

You know I love these congo line pictures!

I love these winning score pictures too! Yay!

On to Taco Mac, where our guest was Clarke MacArthur.

C-Mac listens to a caller.

Here he is greeting a fan. But anyway, see? I told you we were gonna win.