Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Ottawa Senators
March 18, 2010


Now, that's what I'm talking about! This had to be the best overall hockey night we've had all season. It was a great game! It had several great elements. We got an early lead, which is always exciting. It was 3 to 1 when the Senators scored a questionable goal. There was definitely some goaltender interference going on, but the referees didn't call the penalty, saying it was a good goal. Moose came unglued! (Which was exciting, in and of itself.) Unfortunately, him being rattled led to the next Senators goal moments later to tie the game at 3 a piece. Luckily, the period ended and Moose was able to recenter himself. Apparently, he decided he was not going down to these punks and held steady the rest of the game.

Then, ex-Thrasher Andy Sutton hit Boulton in the head. It definitely rang his bell, because he was having trouble staying on his feet for a second. But during those seconds, he was charging over to whip Sutton's butt. That wasn't allowed to happen, though. Finally, near the very end, Nick Foligno basically molested Moose in his own net. Moose jumped up to defend himself, Hainsey and Neil both came to assist their teammates, and things almost fell apart again. But they collected themselves and went to a 6 to 3 victory. And oh yeah, we were *that* close to seeing a hat trick. Both Antropov and Armstrong had two goals. Man! What a game!

In addition to the awesome game, our friend Michelle directed her ticket rep over to us for some upgraded tickets. It was pretty cool - I saw her pointing him toward us, and was like, "Oh no, what's going on?" Then, he came over and pointed to my camera and said, "Those pictures would look much better from the glass," and handed us the tickets. Holy crap! Thank you, Michelle! And he was right! My pictures may be the best ones I've taken so far! We had a blast!

On a related note, going to the arena on a frequent basis has introduced us to a lot of other regulars. We've met some really awesome people and I'm glad to say I know them. I feel like we get to hang out with all the cool kids. :)

Tiny defenseman extraordinaire, Toby Enstrom.

So, I saw Zombieland recently and Pavelec looks kinda like Columbus, trying to ward off the zombies here.

A little more warm-up action. We were late, so I only snapped a couple of shots.

Moose basks in the rays of the spotlight.

The Sens found the back of the net. Only the wrong side of it.

Crazy hockey action.

MacArthur's shot was directed wide.

Moose prepares for the save.

It's in the glove!

Looks like Enstrom found Volchenkov's five hole.

The first intermission, as seen from Section 110, Row A. Sweet.

Moose emerges into the darkness.

Senators goalie Brian Elliott gets a drink.

Putting his water back in its sleeve.

Second period opening face off.

Slater scores!

Peverley handles the puck.

Bogosian gets ready to move back down ice.

It's hard to tell, thanks to the camera, but Thrash has stolen one of the Blue Crew's pom-poms and is playing cheerleader. :)

Mr. Moose? Who do you think you are? We already have a Moose!

Skate like the wind, Max!

Peverley prepares for the face off.

He wins, of course!

Look! Crumpled Senator!

Max wants the puck.

Antropov scores! Celebration ensues.

This is Bryan Little's "Eeee!" face.

Check out Bogo - one eye on the puck, one eye on the goal.

Whitey on face off duty.

Some disagreements along the boards.

This is the Jarkko Ruutu goal that set off the Moose bomb.

Moose is clearly asking, "WTF?!"

"See? Look at the replay!"

Super cute pic of Hainsey.

Third period and Moose is on our end.

Antropov rocks the face off circle.

This is a shaken Boulton, hoping to kick some Sutton tail.

Some celebration after goal # 4.

The crew responsible for goal # 5.

Aw! Bogo and Pavs!

Some action in front of Moose.

Moose, gettin' his drink on.

He kind of "chews" his water.

Run, Forrest!

Talk about a contrast of emotions. Goal # 6!

More defeat. Actually, I kinda feel bad for them, cause I know how that feels, but... too bad, it's our time!

This is as wide as my lens would go, but hopefully you can see Foligno all over the Moose, who is way back in the net. Moose was pissed.

I LOVE this picture. Neil is making the "whaaa" face at Moose.

Angry, fiesty Moose! I love it!

Moments later, the game was won.

Time to pat the Moose on the head.

More of the receiving line.

*ahem* Moving on...

The final score! The three stars were Slater, Antropov, and Armstrong.

Armstrong and Natalie Taylor share a laugh after he almost left before the interview.

Armstrong was also our guest at the post game show. He's saying, "Is that chick with the camera here?!"

This guy is so full of personality. I think he would be a blast to hang with.

He's laughing at my mom, who just told him that he's a bad ass.

Good times, good times.