Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Philadelphia Flyers
March 20, 2010


Another great game. That's three awesome games in a row during our "March to the Playoffs." I hope we can keep up the pace. There may just be a playoff spot in our future. Maybe.

In the meantime, man, this game was rather spirited. Fights happening quickly and often. Lots of chirping among opposing players. There's no doubt these boys will be bruised up and sore tomorrow. And they're playing each other again in Philly. It should be interesting. :)

Chris Chelios was our man on the program cover.

We arrived halfway into warm-ups, so we stayed in our seats. Moose looks to be pondering something.

Warm-ups on the Flyers end.

This one tipped off the glove.

Oof! Right in the gut!

Chelios puts some torque on it.

Some of the Moose signage.

Virginia's sign made reference to the goal scored during the Sabres game and Hedberg's subsequent apology to the referees for losing his mind.

Bogo had to get that one last shot, as usual.

Moose in the spotlight.

Slater and Carcillo, almost right off the bat. I love Jimmy's face here. :) This is right after he picked himself up from falling, without anyone touching him, haha.

Jimmy, get you some!

Another great Slater face, and what is that? Is Carcillo scared?

The ice flop.

It's impossible to tell from this angle, but this was our first goal of the evening.

Next up was Eric Boulton and Ian Laperriere.

Oh! Nice shot, Boultsy!

One last smack on its way before they fell to the ice. I love how the ref is just standing there with his hands in his pockets.

Total chaos all over the Moose.

Boulton and Carcillo exchange words. Moments before this, Boulton flapped his wings like a chicken at him. Everyone got a kick out of that. :)

Some left to right sliding action.

Boucher is pointing, "Hey, check out that fan in the third row." The other guys are like, "Oh... Ew."

Oduya crosses the blue line.

Moose peeks around to see what's going on in front.


Kubina's slap shot.

More crazy action in front of Moose.

The boys have a quick meeting during a stoppage.

Boucher stretches a lot.

"Hey man, you okay in there?"

My favorite Thrash sign. He also has one that says simply, "Stand up and make noise."

Yep, it's broken.

Artyukhin makes himself big(ger) to block Boucher's view.

Thrashers win! It's a party!

The final score.

Moose was third star. Second was Armstrong, and first was Antropov.