Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Boston Bruins
March 23, 2010


The playoffs were on the line. This was one of those "can't lose" games. Winning it wouldn't necessarily secure our playoff spot, but it would certainly go a long way, considering the Bruins are one of the teams we were hoping to bump out. But unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Not only did we lose, we were shut out. Ugh.

In other news, Travis and I finally got to see what life is like on the other side of the arena. Well, we've sat in the club seats before, but never in one of the suites. There were a couple of extra tickets up for grabs from one of our vendors at work, and we were able to use them. We were in Suite D2, so it was pretty high (only one level below the press box) and toward the corner. It was a very different vantage point that we're used to, but it was enjoyable. The suite had some catered food set up and they had plenty of beer to go around. Later on, the dessert cart showed up. Yep, a whole cart of dessert. It was beautiful, haha, much more so than our game.

Bryan Little was on the program, which was dressed up in leaves to celebrate "Green Week."

Moose and Hainsey bursting out of the locker room for warm-ups.

Boulton navigating the bouncing pucks.

Max always swings his arms around to limber up before he starts shooting.

Hahaha, this is what it looks like on the down swing. :)

Nik Antropov.

Ron Hainsey, on puck duty.

Boultsy looks like he's having fun.

Bryan Little.

Ron Hainsey.

Colby Armstrong.

Evgeny Artyukhin.

Pavel Kubina.

One gets by the Moose.

Chris Chelios, having a good time.

The Rich Peverley face.

Bogo. Look how cute!

OK, on to the suite. This was our view.

Moose blocks a shot.

A look at the bench during a break.

Boulton and Thornton size each other up.

Boulton lands a punch.

Thornton lands a punch.

Haha, it looks like Boultsy grabbed his ear!

This is what the action looked like just below us. Not a great angle, but oh well.

We had a decent view of the player suite. You can see Kane's boot and the Philips Phantom, Angelo Esposito.

Antropov tells Rask to back da f* up.

Little's shot gets blocked.

Blocked again.

Rask makes a glove save.

Rask looks like he's all legs in this pic.

Some face-off action.

Keeping the Moose busy.

Armstrong was awarded a penalty shot, so here we go!

No goal. (The puck is in front of the Thrashers logo on the boards.)

Thrash celebrated Green Week in his own way.

A look at one of the flaming bird heads while the lights were still down.

Second period opening face-off.

Get that pad over, Moose!

Reasoner is surrounded.

Some of the action around Tuuka Rask.

Begin in the box.

Now Rask is telling Antro to stay out of his house.

An unstable Bryan Little.

Boulton is involved in another discussion.

Moose won't take this sitting down! Oh wait...

Well, he won't take it laying down!

Fighting for the puck along the boards.

Zach Bogosian prepares for the face-off.

And there you have it. We're still in, mathematically, but that hurt. *pout*