Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New York Rangers
March 26, 2009


We enjoyed our Section 103, Row N seats so much at the March 8th game that we decided to get them again for this game. The club section is really nice. You have access to the specialty restaurants and wait staff that will bring snacks to your seat. The best part, though: warm water in the bathroom sinks. Seriously, I swear the sink water in the rest of the arena must be melted ice from the rink. It is freezing.

So anyway, this was a very enjoyable game. We came back from a 3 goal deficit and won 5 to 4 in a shootout. But my worst nightmare happened. I saw Kari get injured. Sean Avery (who everyone hates anyway, right?) pushed Todd White into him and knocked him back into the net. He laid there for a while before finally getting back up. He finished the first period, but didn't come back out for the rest of the game. He was out for a few games afterward, with a mysterious "upper body injury."

The ticket.

The program cover.

I took the warm up pictures from the top of the tunnel in Section 105.

Thorburn waits for a pass.

Hainsey looks as though he may pass it to me!

Colby Armstrong.

Our kick ass rookie defenseman, Zach Bogosian.


More Kovy.

A not so great pic of Colin Stuart. We call him "Shorty" for his knack for scoring short-handed goals.

Finally, a Finnish friend for Kari. Say hello to Anssi Salmela.

I see you, Moose.

Little, Thorburn, and Salmela head toward the net.

The goalies lumber out along the red line.

General hockeyness.

Kaptain Kovy.


How is it that I always snap the pic right before he spits? Ugh, terrible.

Boulton tossed some pucks over the glass for the kiddies.



Hedberg warms up.

Some very distracting signage.

Hainsey and Oystrick.

Oystrick fiddles around with the puck.

Kozlov the rock star.

I'm pretty sure this is Bryan Little. Man, this kid isn't very photogenic.

Armstrong and Thorburn (rock stars).

Oystrick the rock star.

Bogosian the rock star.

Hedberg bursts out onto the ice just before the game begins.

The boys line up on the bench, ready for action.

Kari is never still enough for me to get pictures in this dim lighting.

Alright, left to right: Hedberg passes gas, Hainsey reels back, Bogosian takes a drink, Salmela (?) checks his manicure, Oystrick asks "Why me?", Slater checks his wallet, and Kozlov does his "Blue Steel."

The game begins.

A confused pause in the action.

Mara is sent to the sin bin. He feels shame.

Kari always looks like this.

Is he looking at me?! Well, no, he's waiting on the officials to make a decision and move forward with the game. But we'll pretend he's looking at me.

The boys are bored, so Reasoner starts a rumor about Bogosian.

Thrash harrasses the Rangers' goalie.

The boys get ready for their close-ups. Haha, I swear this could be a calendar photo. Toby especially. "Hello ladies."

One crazy mascot.

Play resumes and this happens. Note the semi-dead Kari.

The enforcers work out the details. Kari is slow to respond.

Oystrick stops by to check on his fallen teammate.

Kari walks it off and finishes the first period.

The second period comes and the Moose is on the scene.

Moose waits for play to resume.

He gets into the stance.

Thrash serves to distract.

Moose doesn't need lens juice like Kari, so he paces during commercial breaks.

Bogosian does his thing.

Travis's favorite ice girl, Sarah F.

Someone has apparently upset Kovy.

Moose does the chicken dance.

It's the end of overtime, and we're tied at 4. Moose prepares for the shootout.

The team watches the action.

Bryan Little is first. "Hey, is that an open five hole?"


Kozlov is the man when it comes to shootouts.

And yet somehow Steve Valiquette denies him.

Next is Kovy. I love him, but I have no idea why they insist on playing him in a shootout.

And he's off.

And surprise (sarcasm), no goal.

Perrin is next to give it a try.

He too is denied.

Peverley steps up to the challenge.

And quickly sits back down.

I guess I haven't mentioned that Hedberg has successfully stopped all of the Rangers' attemps too. The pressure is now on Todd White.

He puts it home!

Thrashers win!

The final score.

Todd White is named the game's first star.