Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Carolina Hurricanes
March 29, 2010


We had just whooped up on the 'Canes on the road, so we were hoping we could do it again. And they were starting Cam Ward, after he had been out for a while with an injury. Certainly he would be rusty and we would trounce them. But not so fast - there was also a weird pattern going on where the road team had won each game played between these two teams. Unfortunately, that's the pattern that won over in the end. :(

Clarke MacArthur was our man on the program cover.

On to warm-ups, where Popovic is looking mighty intriguing.

I'm not sure if the tongue helps, but Reasoner seems to think it does.


BFFs Little and Antropov.

Pavelec watches a puck sail by.

On to the game!

Staal got high-sticked and we successfully killed a four minute penalty.

During which, Moose worked on his manly one-armed push-ups.

A very "hi yah!" looking picture.

Stapleton and Dwyer ram into the boards.

Oh yes! Artyukhin in a fight!

Haha, you can't even see Kostopoulous back there! What was he thinking?

One more for the road!

Cam Ward makes a save.

The player suite is seeing a lot of action these days.

Even Peverley is like, "Come on! He's supposed to be shaky! What is this?!"

Ward making another save. *rolls eyes*

We even tried sliding it under the net, but Ward blocked that too.

Too bad we didn't have someone standing riiiight there.

I'm not sure who's feet these are, but someone's going for a wild ride.

Little gets a little bumped up and is ushered to the bench.

This looks almost like bad choreography.

*sigh* Bad choreography indeed. :(