Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
April 5, 2008


It was the last game of the season, so we splurged for some really great seats. Section 114, Row C, Seats 8 & 9 (third row from the ice, two seats away from the Thrashers' tunnel.) It was really a different experience being that close to the bench. It certainly taught me one thing... it's time for a new camera. ;)

One of our tickets that evening.

That night's program cover.

Warmin' up.

My two favorite goalies. :)

Moose found some fans.

Blurry Recchi.

Blurry Kovy.

Slater and Boulton.

Exelby and Hedberg.

Moose guards the net.

Kovalchuk slides by.

Enstrom kicks back.

He soon gathers a crowd.

Some of the guys line up to practice their shots.

Kari Lehtonen exits the ice.

Holik waits for his turn.

The guys pile up on Moose.


Warm up is completed and the boys exit the ice.

McCarthy, Exelby, and Thorburn.

"Please welcome your Atlanta Thrashers!"

They break for a commercial, so Kari skates over to the bench.

Kari converses with Johan.

Johan waves to an adoring fan.

Hockey action.

Exelby's fluffy hair.

A stop in the action.

Time for the second period. Kari in the spot light in the distance.

Eric Perrin.


Happy Moose!

Some face off action.

Mike Smith does not take us seriously.

Colby Armstrong.

Kari skates over for some eye drops.

Resting during the commercial break (just about to spit, as it turns out).

Line change.

Kozlov converses with Hedberg.

Face off at center ice. This was after the Lightning's one goal.

Steve McCarthy.

Another face off.

Niclas Havelid.

Boris Valabik.

Caught the puck in mid air.

Kari Lehtonen guards the net. Check out the guy sneezing near the top. xD

The boys get back into position after a commercial break.

Game on!

We scored again!

The team protects our zone in the last few seconds.

The team congratulates Kari after a 4-1 victory.

More celebration.

Goalie love.

Kari looks like he's in one of those sumo outfits here.

Erik Christensen comes out from the locker room.

The team lines up to give away their jerseys to season ticket holders.

Another shot of the line up.

Kovalchuk accepts the 07-08 season MVP award.

Kari looks slighty evil.

The winner of the 7th Man Award got a signed jersey from Ilya.

Zhitnik, Valabik, and Enstrom get the party started.

Kari shows off the junk in his trunk.

Each member of the team gives their jersey to a fan.

Kari returns to the bench for some water.

Naked Thrashers!

Naked Thrash!

The team says goodbye for the season. :(

Tobias Enstrom and Bryan Little.

A departing view of the arena.

The scoreboard and flaming birds.

The front of Philips Arena.