Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New Jersey Devils
April 6, 2010


The return of Ilya Kovalchuk. There was certainly a mixed reaction from the fans. But from the team's perspective, there was probably a little pride on the line. But as seems to always be the case when we really need to win a game, we lost in dramatic fashion. We were shut out. But, at least we didn't let that turncoat Kovy score.

Zach Bogosian graced the program cover for the evening.

Kalia came prepared with extra Thrashers pride. :)

There's Kovy now. It's like seeing an ex-boyfriend at a restaurant. *awkward*

There was a mixture of reactions to his return.

Some of the Kovy-related signage.

More warm-ups signage.

The Three Stars Award went to the Moose (Johan Hedberg) for earning the most points during the three stars round-up at the end of each game.

Ron Hainsey presented the Players' Player Award to Marty Reasoner. This was his second time in two years, so he must be a pretty swell guy. :)

The opening face-off.

Kovy's first shift. There was a mixture of boos and cheers.

Action in front of Brodeur. I was hoping we'd send him packing like earlier this season.

Hedberg paces along the blue line during commercial breaks.

Moose got high sticked (hence the lack of helmet) and high-tailed it to the bench.

More of Moose getting to the bench to allow an extra skater.

A lonely, abandoned helmet.

Kovalchuk prepares for some action.

You can't really see it, but that's a Devils goal. Rats!

Marty, hugging the post.

Moose changes position...

...and makes a diving save.

Marty works on his breakdance moves.

More breakdancing from Marty.

A few of the fans expressed their thoughts on the whole issue.

There was a different feel on the other end of the arena.

It's not very often you see the goalie get pulled when the team is 3 goals down.

In the end, it did us no good and we gave Brodeur his 600th career win.