Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Washington Capitals
April 7, 2009


My sister, Kalia, was able to score several free tickets from a friend of hers that works at Chick-fil-A. Hey, free rhymes with me, right? We were seated in Section 315, Row F. I'm admittedly spoiled on the good seats now, so I knew I needed to at least take the warm up pictures from a more suitable location, or I would feel cheated. I ended up taking them from the front of Section 112. Lehtonen was still out with his "upper body injury," so Pavelec filled in. He had a very shaky first period, but seemed to get it together for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, it would seem as though our fate was sealed by then.

The program cover. Kalia had a fit. It's Z-Bo.

Pavelec strikes a pose.

Todd White is still taking his afternoon nap, it would seem.

Exelby and Clay Wilson, a recent trade pick-up.

Slater cleans out the net while Pavelec looks on.

Ooh, now with zoom.

"Come here, you freakin' thing."

Z-Bo apparently has a drinking problem... Oh, but Whitey decided to join us.

Pavelec warms up.

Some shots get by.


This is how close my sister was to Z-Bo. It worked her into a frenzy.

Blocking shots.

Oystrick skates by.

Moose takes a turn.

What the heck happened to Reasoner's face? Haha - I love hockey!


Pavs sees what you did there.

Hainsey laughs it up.

Armstrong always looks like this.

Peverley waits for his turn to attack the net.

Perrin waits for his turn to... wait... what the heck is Moose up to back there?

A closer look shows the Moose taking in extra nutrients to prepare for the long summer ahead. *nom nom nom*



Little gives it hell.

Exelby stretches... wait... Moose? What is it now?

"Tee hee."

Oh yeah. Look at this one, ladies.

Somehow, Hedberg manages to shape his mouth so that it is hidden beneath the mask.

Exelby again.

A shot goes wide.

Right in the glove.

On our way to our seats after warm up, I took a picture of a picture of Bogosian. He's just too darn good looking.

Another picture of a picture. Ahh, at least I got my Kari fix. I feel better now.

Disco. Disco. Good. Good.


OK, here we go.

Pavelec, lit by the fire.

Pavelec, without the fire.

Eric Boulton and Garnet Exelby won the Gilner-Reeves award for community involvement.


The game begins and these seats are not good for picture taking.

Wilson closes in.

A shot of the bench.

The beginning of the second period.

Some sort of misunderstanding.

One of many face-offs.

Busting through the zone.

Another miscommunication occurs.

The referees sort things out.

Pavelec does that lost puppy dog thing again. "Can I go home with you?"

One of the coolest signs ever.

The final tally.