Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Florida Panthers
April 9, 2009


The second to last game of the season. Travis delivered the good news earlier that Lehtonen had recovered from his injury would be dressing as Hedberg's back up and would be starting for the final game of the season. We were seated in Section 102, Row C for the game. Pretty good seats, but you couldn't see the opposite corner very well. On the plus side, it was a great view of the action around the net and it seemed to be a hot spot for player collisions into the boards. The backs of our heads were on TV a lot. Had we been idiotic Red Wings fans, we probably would have stood up and turned around with our beers and waved our arms in the air...

A neat side story - We had just entered the club section of the arena. Travis had to go to the restroom, so I sat my camera down in a chair and proceeded to slide into my jersey. In the process, I hear a woman say, "So, was the CNN center built first, or the arena?" Then a dude says, "No, it was already here when I bought it." I'm like, "WTF? When I bought it?" I look up and it's Ted Turner. Heh, what do you know.

Anyway, we took the warm up pics from the front of Section 107. I got to meet the girl that does the Getting Pucks Deep blog. She cracks me up, and she is a fellow goalie groupie, so I was glad to get to meet her.

Kovalchuk was the featured player of the program.

Yes, I know. Dorks R Us, right? We took pictures of the billboards while in traffic.

But in all fairness, it's not like you see a lot of Thrashers ads around. You have to jump on 'em when you can.

The girl that does the Getting Pucks Deep blog did these signs. She does really good work.

More cool signage.

Warm ups begin and Moose bursts onto the scene.

More warm up action.

*sigh* I cannot get a good picture of Kari. Here he is looking like he might cry. Probably about to spit, as seems to be my usual photographic timing.


Moose catches one low.

The stance.

If anyone ever needs demonstration of butterfly style...

Just chillin'.

Boulton cringes.


Perrin handles the puck.

Kozlov rarely lets me photograph his face.

This girl looks like she wants to touch Oystrick.

Army looks angry.

Bogosian looks like he always does.

Some puck on goalie action.

Clay Wilson and a not as angry looking Armstrong.

Peverley can really shred on a hockey stick guitar. *meedley meedley meeeee*

Kovy won the Heineken Three Stars award.

In a surprising turn of events, Reasoner won the Players' Player award. Not that he didn't deserve it, but I was thinking Hedberg might have a monopoly on that one. Way to go, Marty!

Vokoun locks it down.

Bryan Little cruises to the face off circle.

Kovalchuk waits for the pass.

Toby Enstrom prepares for action.

The end of the period and the guys file into the locker room.

More fileage.

I let Travis hold the camera for a few minutes.

It's only fair, I guess.

The next period begins and the guys file out of the locker room.

Moose tears up some recently smoothed ice.

The pre-period hose down.

Slater's got his game face on.

Should we be concerned that the goalie seems to be looking the opposite direction as everyone else?

I got it! I have photographic evidence! Moose is so ticky, but the thing he does that I just don't get is the mask licking. We suspect he has a little glob of peanut butter in there for that extra boost of energy.

A closer view of the Moose tongue.

Moose inspects his stick.

Aww, now Moose looks like he's gonna cry.

Looks like he sucked it up, but he's still not trusting anyone.

The highlight of the evening - Kovalchuk gets angry. Check it out - I caught his helmet on the release.

And oh my god, the crowd completely went nuts.

On his way to the box, Kovy lifted his arms to get the crowd going again. I gotta say, that was kinda cool. He owns this town.

The team watches the replay and they announce "five minutes for fighting" and the crowd loses it again. I can't recall hearing the crowd go nuts over a penalty on one of our guys.

Hainsey has had enough of these shenanigans.

Kovy is freed! Look - he has a wad of cotton in his nose. Haha :)

A very cool shot of Bogo, I must say.

What the...? *gasp!* I got a cute picture of Kari! Finally! It would figure that he's 100 feet away...

Let's have a closer look! And to think I was recently accused of being a puck bunny. As if.

In an attempt to tie the game and head into overtime, the Moose is sent to the bench for an extra skater. He looks nervous.

Little and Peverley prepare for one last battle.

Kovy does what he always does.

And the Panthers win. Their fans throw rats onto the ice when they win for some odd reason. This one came from a fan that was sitting right in front of us that had a red flashing light on his helmet. Oh joy.

A final look at the score board.

Bogosian wins the night's first star because he got two goals. Travis joked that if he were to get a hat trick, he would have thrown the helmet of the guy in front of us. :)