Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
April 11, 2009


The bittersweet final game of the season. Our seats were for Section 115, Row E, Seats 13 & 14. It wasn't until we arrived that we realized that though it was only three rows from the glass behind the benches, it was behind enemy territory. It was going to be okay, then these four gigantic men came in and sat in front of us. Great. Then this loud ass fan will. not. shut. up. During the first intermission, we spotted open seats in the same row, further down, Seats 1 & 2. We sniped them. Ah, much better. The warm up pics were taken from the front of Section 111. That would be good seats. We didn't want it to be over, so we went to Taco Mac for the post game festivities for the first time. Anderson came in. Lots of fun. I'm so excited for next year!

Our tickets for the evening.

The final game's program cover featured a class photo.

The pucks are neatly stacked and ready to go for warm-ups. I had this great shot framed when Kari came out and knocked them off the wall, but the camera wasn't on. Epic fail!

Armstrong and Kozlov got all tangled up and collapsed into a pile together. I missed that too. Bogosian and Reasoner here.

Boris looks a little unsure.

Hello Moose.

Boris still looks unsure.

Salmela, having also recently suffered an "upper body injury," warmed up with the team, but did not play.

Boulton inspects the tape job.

Oystrick waits to crash the net.

Kari blocks a few shots.

Caught it with the glove.

It's all in how you hold your mouth sometimes, isn't it, Rich?

Salmela and Exelby.

My amazing photographic timing strikes again! Haha!


Kovy races for the puck.

He agrees that its all in how you hold your mouth.

Another glove save.

More Kari. (My apologies, this will most likely be the Kari show, as I'm afraid he may not be in a Thrashers uniform next year. *pout*)

It's Hedberg's turn.

The famous Moose Poke Check.

"Pass it to me!"

An all-together awkward picture.

Exelby and Kari clean out the net.

The boys stand by.

Moose was likely reading one of his signs.

The Kaptain takes a break.

But not for long.

Opposing goalies getting along? It can't be!

I have not idea what happened, but it made everybody happy.

Kari heads back to the net.

A fellow fan noted how Kari often looks like a sneaky little kid when he has his mask on. Here's proof.


Boulton tosses pucks to the fans. I didn't get a picture, but Kari also came over and punched out the plexiglass cover over the holes that the photographers use, and passed out a few pucks to the kids.

Salmela takes a breather. And thank god we have a guy on our team named White, or this would just be awkward.

Moose watches one sail wide.

Hainsey has lots of female fans. Can't imagine why.

Bogosian handles the puck.

And cruises around.

Darren Eliot. Former goalie, current analyst, in the box between the benches.

Colby Armstrong won the Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy.

A commercial break, I think.

Thrash continues his crazy antics.

Boulton decides to kick some butt.

Oh, that's about to hurt.






And the fight winds down.

Little Marty St. Louis.

Why hello there. How you doin'? (This is Lightning goalie Mike McKenna.)

Another fight breaks out and Thorburn ends up in the box. Didn't get pictures of the fight, as the crowd was in the way.

Thorsy rocks the fro.

Yet another fight breaks out and Bogosian is sent to the box. The official is saying, "Look, there's no more room! Stop issuing penalties!"

Zach is welcomed to the sin bin.

Sorry about all that, Mike. Where were we?

The second period begins and I have a better view of my guys.



Kovy skates by and bumps gloves after scoring a goal.

He looks tired. Must've been following you for miles.

I like this happier Kovy.

Another goal celebration.

Kovy again.


Z-Bo again.

Little tells Exelby that yes, it does look infected.




Yay! We win 6 to 2!

The goalie head bump ritual ensues.


Kari waves to the crowd. Or maybe he's saying, "Get out of my head, you stupid voices!" cause they were telling him to axe Armstrong there.

You should recognize this guy by now.

The guys watch the fan appreciation video.

Darren Eliot kicks off the end-game festivities.

Is Thrash looking at me?! *swoon*

The team watches the announcements.

Kovy wins the MVP award.

He's hard to understand over the speakers in the arena, but I'm told he said something like next year, they're not playing to get into the playoffs, they're playing for the Cup.

The guys get ready to take off their jerseys.

The winner of the 7th Man Award gets to choose first and he chose # 17 Ilya Kovalchuk.

# 1 Johan Hedberg gets the party started.

# 2 Garnet Exelby.

As each player hands over their jersey, they sign it for the recipient fan.

# 4 Zach Bogosian.

Exelby and Bogosian greet their fans.

# 6 Ron Hainsey.

# 7 Nathan Oystrick.

# 10 Bryan Little is an eager beaver!

# 11 Eric Perrin struts proudly.

# 12 Todd White.

# 13 Vyacheslav (Slava) Kozlov.

# 19 Marty Reasoner.

# 20 Colby Armstrong.

# 23 Jim Slater.

# 25 Anssi Salmela.

# 27 Chris Thorburn.

# 32 Kari Lehtonen.

# 36 Eric Boulton.

# 39 Tobias Enstrom.

My apologies to # 47 Rich Peverley (Sir Not Appearing in this Film), as he's the only one I didn't photograph. I was distracted.

# 48 Boris Valabik.

# 49 Colin Stuart.

Naked Thrashers.


Kari stopped for an interview right in front of me. I was kind enough to not include all of the pictures I took.

Kari tends to be very nervous and fidgety during interviews. But the funny thing here (to me, but I'm weird) is that his name is on his underwear.



Bu-bye now.

I later ran into the guy that received Hedberg's jersey in the Taco Mac. He let me touch it. It was awesome. Sorry for the ridiculous close up of it, but I had the zoom lens on and we were in a tight space.

Head Coach John Anderson was the guest for the 680 The Fan post game show.

Darren was two-fisting it.

Again, sorry for the extreme close-up, but the sign says, "We are ALL nuts over Marty." Wrong. Just wrong.

The season over, the Zamboni is put away. See you next season!