Atlanta Thrashers NHL Draft Party
June 26, 2009


This year, the Thrashers put on an NHL Draft Party at Jillian's in Discover Mills. All were welcome to attend and there was a sizeable turnout. They had last year's # 3 draft pick, Zach Bogosian, on hand to sign autographs. What a nice guy. And what a nice looking guy. Oh my god, he's so... 18. Haha! So, the Thrashers had the # 4 pick this year. We all gathered round the big screen TVs and watched as they revealed that our newest member would be Evander Kane. Cheers all around! We're excited to see what he can do this coming season. While there, we finally officially joined the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club! Can't wait to see what events they have planned too.

My cousin Martha (front), my sister Kalia (rear), and my mom (not pictured) also went with us to meet Bogo.

Here he is signing autographs.

He kindly posed for a picture. *swoon*

In this one, a fan had given him a magazine to sign that he didn't even realize he was in.

Kalia with Zach. Just like my favorite player is Kari, hers is Zach. She was super excited!

Martha with Zach.

Kalia showing off her newly signed jersey. We have plans for it...

Martha poses for a picture.

Usually on the other side of the camera, Travis and I pose for a picture.

Hahaha - this picture cracks me up! We didn't eat there, just stopped to harass the lion.