Atlanta Thrashers Select-A-Seat Season Tickets Event
August 16, 2009


The time has finally arrived! We purchased season tickets! Yay! *happy dance* The Thrashers and the Hawks hold these Select-A-Seat events a couple of times between each season to give potential season ticket holders an opportunity to come and try out their seats before making a commitment. It was just what we were waiting for. They allowed you access to every seat in the building, without all the craziness of game day. They had both a hockey rink and a basketball court set up for reference. They also provided us with a tour of the locker rooms. Sweet. :)

We didn't access the locker rooms through the tunnel the Thrashers use. Instead, we went down the hallway that the Hawks use.

The Hawks area was first, then the Thrashers area.

There were several large framed pictures of the guys in action.

The walls were painted in Thrashers colors and logos.





They had plaques with the team photo and roster for each season.

We only took a picture of a couple, but it's crazy to see how much the team has changed since its inception.

More framed player photos.


And here it is, the locker room. They obviously haven't prepared it for the upcoming season yet, as Exelby's stall was still marked.

Game worn gear. I'm not sure if it had been washed or not...

Bogosian's gear.

Kovalchuk's gear.

Travis poses for a picture with his favorite player's stall.

I do the same. This has got to be the cutest chick to ever stand in Lehtonen's stall. :) Sadly, there was no gear for me to play with.

Lehtonen got the Mac Daddy stall, and Pavelec and Hedberg are left with the same little closets everyone else gets.

The big TV, fridge, and other necessities.

The last game of last season is still outlined on the Opposing Lines board.

The play board.

The door that leads to the ice. For Hawks games, they have temporary seats that cover the Thrashers tunnel, so it was locked.

I found some goalie gear! Well, sort of.

On to the Hawks locker room.

For some reason, they get chairs.

And plush carpeting. No fair! Well, I guess plush carpeting isn't so nice when you're in skates.

They had the Thrashers lounge roped off, but the Hawks lounge was open for viewing.

The two are very similar.

The seats of these chairs were almost even with my rear end. Obviously, custom made for taller frames.

The Thrashers practice at the Ice Forum in Duluth, but the Hawks practice in this hidden court inside Philips Arena.

Travis found a play board tucked into the padding.

A list of Hawks All Star participants.

For a practice court, this was pretty nice. Far nicer than the Thrashers practice facility. But I'll take it any day, because the Thrashers practice is open to the public.

Back out of the tunnel and on to where the ice would be. This is also where the Zamboni enters.

The score board from down below.

The view from a goalie's perspective.

Alright, down to business. These were the seats we almost chose. My only concern was that during the games there is this tall black netting that would partially obscure picture taking.

Netting aside, these were good seats to see all of the action.

Even the far end. (And this was not my zoom lens.)

After having our ticket rep double check for us, we found seats closer to center ice. These are the ones we chose.

The view to the left. (Those people would not normally be standing there. These tables were set up for the day's event.)

The view to the right. Pretty damn good, huh?

Here is a picture of our actual seats. Section 211, Row A, Seats 8 & 9. I'm so freaking excited, I can't stand it!

Here is our tunnel, Portal 7, just across from the Taco Mac. This hallway also has both Men and Women restrooms in it, so we have the ultimate convenience. Come on October, we're ready!