Atlanta Thrashers Training Camp Day 1
September 13, 2009


The official start of the 2009-2010 season is finally here! Travis and I took Kalia, Jana, and Martha for the over an hour trip to Duluth to watch the first training camp session. It started at 9:00 AM, so we had to get up ridiculously early for a weekend, but we were actually on time for a change. We had lots of fun and me and girls joked and giggled like a bunch of... well... girls. Travis tolerated it well.

I also must point out for the record that the lighting at the Ice Forum is no good. Add to that the fact that my camera is not equipped with a "fast" lens, and you get poorly defined, blurry pictures. Eh, life goes on.

I guess Pavelec could just feel my eyes on him.

Bryan Little.

Team A starts off with some stretching.

Hainsey and Oystrick share a laugh.

Nik Antropov is one big dude.

Prior Thrasher and camp try-out, Mark Popovic.

The team huddles up to receive instruction.

Ondrej Pavelec skates back into position.

The Moose blocks Kubina's shot. (Well, I think that's Kubina - I'm still learning what he looks like.)

Kovy screams in defeat.

"Run Forrest!"

"Do you know what we have in the back?"
"You already told me. Ass. We are hauling ass."

Anthony Stewart was all smiles.

Kovy seemed to be having a good time as well.

The action at the other end of the ice.

Good times, good times.

Kovy chatting with Antropov. His accent is so heavy, I couldn't tell what language it was in. Likely Russian.

Kalia went to investigate. You can barely see her here, but you can tell just how huge these guys look on the ice.

A pause in the action.

I see you seeing me, Moose.

And again with the skating.

The goalies switched ends and I got to watch Pavs for a minute.

Goalies are funny.

They pulled the nets toward the center a bit and then each team had to skate 15 laps around.

Hedberg and Pavelec recover from the laps.


Kalia sports her Bogosian jersey.

Kalia, Jana, and Martha wait for Team B to start.

Team B takes their turn stretching. Kalia noted that Bogo would not stop talking the whole time. He was obviously excited to be there.

Drew MacIntyre strikes a pose.

Nothing entirely special about this picture, just that it was actually in focus.

Armstrong and camp try-out, Manny Legace. He's a tiny little goalie! How cute.

Slava Kozlov. He has a hilarious rapport with Legace. I heard that he shouted "Suck it, Legace!" each time he scored on him.

Boris Valabik looks like he just got punched in the gut.

Toby Enstrom waiting for his turn at the shooting drill.

Legace looks sneaky.

Anssi Salmela during the same shooting drill.

Boris is still shaking off the gut punch, I guess.

Great. Now it looks like someone got Bogo too.

Team B huddles together.

Looks like Kozlov was the target here.

Skater on goalie action.

Legace seems a little burned that he let this one by.

I believe this is Arturs Kulda. (Not sure though.)

Evander Kane and Marty Reasoner chat with Coach Anderson.

The goalies switched and now I have MacIntyre in my sights. His mask features a Mr. Potato Head and Care Bears. Seriously.

Reasoner, Kane, and Armstrong set up in front of the goal.

More skating drills. More awkward goalies.

Jana pauses from watching the action.

Hainsey came back out from the locker room to heckle Team B.

Team B's 15 lap skating drill.

Slava Kozlov stops for an autograph.

Grant Lewis does the same.

That's Zach Bogosian holding my Sharpie. Kalia was thrilled that he chose the green one, since that's her favorite color.

Todd White.

Bogo works his way toward the locker room.

Colby Armstrong stops for a picture.

The same guy that I believe to be Arturs Kulda.

Manny Legace was certainly in a chipper mood.

Outside the rink now. This is Nik Antropov.

I have no idea who this is, to be honest. I'll do some research and get back to you. It takes a little time to recognize the guys in their civilian clothes, and the new ones are even lesser known.

Toby Enstrom. New haircut this season, thank goodness.

Toby again. His teefies look pretty good considering his off-season meeting with a wall.

Kalia and Martha pose with the Moose.

He's a goalie, so where was I, you ask? Well, not far away as it would turn out. :) This is the second time I've done this. He's so darn nice.

Jim Slater.

Martha took this pic of me while we were waiting on more players to come out.

Kalia and Ron Hainsey. (She's faking the height difference here by standing on a curb.)

Zach Bogosian.

Kalia and Bogo. He's seriously hot in this pic. (And only 19, Sonya.) Kalia's day was made.

Tough guy Eric Boulton.

The crowd hesitated when this giant yellow Hummer pulled up. We knew it was one of the players, but who? So he said, "Hi! I'm new guy! Kubina!" Too funny!

Evander Kane strolled out next.

Jana and Evander. Jana's day was made.

Bryan Little was next.

Super nice guy Chris Thorburn. I love how he's hanging out of his car to talk to his fans. He's so cool.

I made these two take a pic together. Bryan Little, Jana Little - I couldn't help it. I told him she had the same last name, to which he replied, "It's a sweet name."

Thorburn continues to meet and greet.

Joey Crabb.

Todd White.

Holy crap! I'm actually touching a goalie! This is Ondrej Pavelec, and well, he's pretty hot. Yeah, my day was made.