Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Nashville Predators (Pre-Season)
September 23, 2009


This was our second pre-season game against the Predators. The first one was played in Nashville. Since they were in front of their home crowd, they started their A-Listers and we started a lot of our AHL guys. Needless to say, we were slaughtered and there was a little ill will. So for this game, since it was in front of our home crowd, we brought out the more experienced players. There were still a few of the AHL guys on the team, so the coaches could try to assess their play. I suppose that's normal for pre-season games.

My mom and sister joined us for this game. In the third period, I let Kalia control the camera and she went a little shutter happy. I usually don't take any more than 100 pictures per game. With her in control, I ended up with over 300! The trouble is, with that many pictures, you find too many that you like!

We arrived in time to watch some of the warm-ups.

Peverley handles the puck.

Maxim Afinogenov kicks the puck around.

Kubina's shiner is still shining brightly.

Several of the players line up, waiting for their turn at the shooting drill.

Dan Ellis watches our guys warm-up.


Zach Bogosian.

Dan Fritsche.

Warm-ups are over and it's time to start the game.

Ondrej Pavelec in the spotlight.

"Afinogenov this bench."

Our dynamic defensive duo, Bogosian and Enstrom.



A helmetless Dan Ellis.

They look like they're checking out some hot babe in the second row.




Look what they did to our net!

Pavelec begs for a stiffer penalty. They destroyed his house!

Then to add insult to injury, they took out Pavs himself!


Pavs is like, "Hey... What are you guys talking about?"

The boys celebrate some goal action.


The first intermission brought us a slingshot bowling type of game.

It looked like a fair amount of fun.

Thrash hangs out with the bowling pins.

At the previous game, Virginia and I discovered that some of the players were watching the game from one of the suites. I recognize Ron Hainsey, Grant Lewis, Marty Reasoner, and Colby Armstrong.

Dan Ellis doesn't seem ready to face the second period.

Pavelec does his usual pre-period routine.

Our most recent draft pick, Evander Kane.

Another look at the suite. I see Todd White and Johan Hedberg have joined the gang.

Kubina was ready to kick some butt.

The referees put an end to it fairly quickly.


These boys all just improved their plus / minus rating.

Afinogenov nearly gets violated as the Predators reach for the puck.

Kovalchuk does his thing.


Pavelec makes a save and ends up on the ice.

Bogosian wants Smithson to eat some ice.


I'm not sure what happened here - I got distracted. But we had a Predator down.

They swapped goalies on us, so Pekka Rinne came in for a bit.

He smoothes the ice from his crease.

Pavelec deflects a shot.


Spying on the Moose.

I see Pavelec in this stance quite often.

What's going on under there, Zach?

Our dynamic defensive duo again.


Kalia has the camera now, so you can expect lots of pictures of Zach.

Unfortunately, she got this one of them scoring on us.


It sucks that this one is blurry, because I really like it.



Thrash harasses a small child.

Probably the shot of the game. Zach was up-ended in the Predators crease.




Thrash shakes his tail feathers.


See? There it is again.





I think that one got by ya there.


The boys celebrate another goal.

It would seem as though both Kalia and I have a knack for catching the towel in mid air.

Funny goalie poses.



Pavelec tries to see what's going on around Legwand.

Virginia and Sergio get a close-up of the action.



Kubina isn't sure where he went wrong.

Pekka Rinne with his lid up.






I'm feeling the love.


Pavs has it in there somewhere.

Caught mid pounce.

Bogosian threatens to back hand Smithson.

And then proceeds to give him the death stare.

Still staring.

The hockey stick air band in full effect. *meedley meedley meeee*

*boom boom boom-boom-boom* "Let's go Thrashers!"

Pavs gives it all he's got.


With seconds left, Rinne moves to the bench so the Predators can have an extra skater.

But it's to no avail. Thrashers win! Kovy gives Pavs some love.

Bogo pats him on the head.

Um. Wow. Legace, I didn't know you cared.

Yeah, we saw that.

The game's third star, Bryan Little.

The second star, Ondrej Pavelec.

The first star, with two goals, Josh Gratton.

The final tally. Woo hoo!