Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (Pre-Season)
September 27, 2009


The last pre-season game has come and gone. It was a little painful, as we lost 5 to 1, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. A bad hockey day is still a good day in my book.

My mom and sister joined us again for this one. The Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club held their first official meeting at Headlines Grill in Philips Arena before the game. They made a few announcements, introduced some members of the club, talked about upcoming road trips, and gave away a few items. They also had defenseman Zach Bogosian and general manager Don Waddell come in and say a few words.

Zach, as he was announced. What a cutie!




The playing surface, as seen from Headlines Grill.

The scoreboard for this season features a flaming Thrashers logo.

All is ready for warm-ups! I got a good seat this time!

The Heat Meiser is back to his usual taunting of Marty St. Louis.

A tiny goalie! Adorable!

A life size goalie! Also adorable!

Reasoner can keep an eye on Peverley from here.

Afinogenov is stretching out his shoulders.

Kovalchuk shoots at the net.



Kozlov stretching.

Pavelec doing some stretches.

What's, um, going on back there, Zach?

Popovic can't keep his eyes off me. (Hahaha!)


Slater, doing his usual thing, cleaning out the net.

Pavelec backs into position.

Hedberg watches from the corner.

Popovic again.

Antropov takes a shot.

The Moose has stepped into the net.

Kane looks for an open hole.

Reasoner. Still looking at Peverley, maybe?

Evander Kane.

Toby Enstrom.

A look at the Sponge Bob themed Moose mask.

He always has a Moose theme to his masks, and I'm told he enjoys watching Sponge Bob with his youngest daughter.

Kovy knows it's all in how you hold your mouth.

Dang! I got caught goalie stalking!

These two aren't on to me yet.

Kubina. The black eye is looking much better now.


General warm-up action.

Kane and Little.




I wonder what the Moose is thinking about?


Kane again.

Kovy fires at the net.

Pavs practices his hovering puck magic trick.

He's getting much better at it.

The Moose is back.

It's in there somewhere.

Antropov chatting with Bogosian.

Glove save!

Watching for the next shot.


The boys pile up on Moose like they did Legace a few games ago.

The tiny goalie was the youth hockey player for the evening. So cute!

Haha, I wonder what Reasoner is thinking?

Some scrummage.

Pavelec stands in his usual spot, in his usual stance.

Kovy waits for the puck.

Antropov plays hockey and riverdances at the same time.

Pavs discusses something with the ref.

Just because St. Louis is so darn small for a hockey player.

Spying on the player suites. This evening, I recognize Armstrong, Legace, and Gratton.

The Moose watches the action.

Puck in mid air.

The Lightning and Thrashers love to hate each other these days.

Eh, maybe it was just a mean game of Twister.

"No Kovalchuk. Left foot green."

Some people just don't know when the party is over.

I'm diggin' Antropov's hair here.

Headin' to the sin bin.

The boys all share a laugh over a video of Armstrong singing "My Humps."

Another little tussle.

Valabik seems to be enjoying himself.

Now Boulton is in the midst of the action.

Thorburn wants a turn too.

Pavelec with his mask up.

Sumo hockey. Always entertaining.

Ice logo.

Smith shows off his flexibility.

Kovy plays the puck.

Then he waits for the puck.

Now he joins in the face-off.

He shoots! (But doesn't score...)

Slater hopes to make a play.

It would appear as though they're looking for something small...

Man, who's in the middle of all this?

Check out the girl in the upper right corner! What a sissy!

"Alright, boys. Kiss and make up."

Pavs will not be intimidated by Smith's goalie poses. He has a few of his own.

St. Louis barks at Little. Oh, why didn't the refs let this one go? It would have been great!

The ref is like, "Here Nik, just choke him. Like this."

Hockey action.

Bogosian went after Lecavalier. That too would have been interesting.

Salmela helps to defend the goal.

The players file on to the ice at the game's conclusion.

Kind of a sorry conclusion, but I guess that happens. All three stars were from the Lightning. Boo.