Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
October 3, 2009


Finally! Opening day is here!

A lot of us Thrashers fans feel like we've got something special going on this year, so it was a terribly long wait for October 3rd to come around. Luckily, the boys came out with lots of energy and stuck it to the Lightning. We won 6 to 3! It seemed fitting that Kovalchuk scored our first goal for the season. Kovalchuk and Peverley both scored twice in the end. The other two were done by Salmela and Bogosian.

One of the best things about this game was the crowd. It was said to be a sell out, which is somewhat rare around here. I think it's going to become more common as the boys continue to kick butt. But it was awesome - so much energy! My mom and sister went along with us again, and I always have more fun when Kalia is there to shout with!

Oh yeah... My mom's dream finally came true... Travis and I were featured on the Kiss Cam. I saw the camera man walk up, and I was like, "Well, crap." So I handed Kalia the camera and waited for our big moment. Luckily, it was over quickly and no one got hurt. Haha :)

The first program of the season featured our first goal scorer of the season, Ilya Kovalchuk.

Kari Lehtonen was on hand for the pre-game player introductions. Get well soon, Kari!

I tried to take pictures of everyone as they were announced, but my camera didn't care for the lighting. Only a few came out okay. Ron Hainsey was one of the lucky ones.

My camera must like goalies too. This was our starter for the evening, Ondrej Pavelec.

Pavel Kubina.

The entire team.

That evening's youth hockey player wasn't intimidated by these big bodies at all.

Another shot of the team.

And the first face-off!

Kovy hops over the boards and into play.

Kovy plays it on his knees.

Stamkos reaches up to catch the puck. Little looks dashing, as always.

Afinogenov fights for the puck.

Enstrom gives Pavelec a hand.

Watching the puck travel around the boards.

Time for a little disagreement.

I'm not trying to take pictures of towels in mid-air on purpose. That just happens to be when Pavs is looking up.

The first goal! Whoo hoo!

Happy Kovy!

Then he gets right back to business.

Bogosian slides through. Did I mention that he's an alternate captain this season? Congrats, Bogo!

Goal two: Anssi Salmela.

There's our little goal scorer!

This is right before Kozlov took a big swing at the guy. He's been fiesty so far this season!

After the swing.

Spank him! You know you want to!

Pavs makes a super awkward between-the-pads save.

The ref is giving him props for a job well done, no doubt.

Pavs returns to his usual spot.

Todd White does his thing.

Kane takes it to the boards.

The second period is here and I take the quickly becoming obligatory picture of Pavelec in the spotlight.

The cap'n.

Antropov bows up.

Kovy comes through. "Move!"

Another minor disagreement.

Yay! Bogo!

Thorburn decides to shake things up.

This fight lasted a long time.

Right in the kisser!

Here comes another one!

What goalies do during fights.

Well, ladies and gents, here it is. Our special moment on the Kiss Cam.

Let's get back to the game, shall we?

Yeah right. Like Hainsey's ever gonna get in a fight.

Virginia calls these "majestic goalie poses." I've come to adopt that phrase, as it is dead on.

"Hey buddy... Hey..."

Got it!

Da Moose.

Third period has begun and Boulton's feeling frisky.



He's flinching. Not that I would blame him.

I'm not sure who's about to punch who here.

The captains sort things out with the officials.

Another save!

And another disagreement.

Bogo laughs at this guy. What a chump, huh?

Bogo proceeds to give the death stare.

They smack talked all the way back to the bench.

Another goal by Peverley! Keep it up, boys!

The following face-off.

Fire it up!

Kovy just scored again too!

Another little skirmish. I don't know what got into these teams, but they refuse to get along.

More guys join in.

Note how the goalie is just staying the heck out of it, like, "Hey, is that my water bottle?"

What is happening on Todd White over there?

Boys are gross.

Kovy skates back to the bench.



The boys watch the action like kids on Christmas morning.

"Here's your $20 for that bad call." Just kidding! He was handing him the puck.

I like this guy's spirit.

And there you have it. Victory is ours!

Goalie love.

Pavelec was the game's third star.

All smiles.

Peverley was the game's second star.

Kovalchuk was chosen as the game's first star.

He prepares for his post-game interview.

You couldn't hear anything he was saying. Everyone was chanting, "Kovy! Kovy!"

Alright, on to the Taco Mac Post Game show. Here's our host, Thrashers radio announcer, Dan Kamal.

Rich Peverley was the guest for the evening.

Kamal looks as though he might bite someone.

Peverley answers all kinds of questions I can't recall now. Darren Elliott off to the right.

Peverley was kind enough to sign a fan's poster.

A final pull on his drink and he's off! Let's Go Thrashers! See you again on the 22nd!