Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Washington Capitals
October 29, 2009


Another Thursday. More third jerseys. Ovechkin and the Crapitals again.

For the third game in a row, we started with a 3 goal deficit and fought back. But for the third game in a row, it was too little, too late. I was fairly irritated with our boys for a bit there. I know they're better than this, and I don't understand what is going on. They started the season so strongly, but since they've been home, they've been less than fantastic. Kovy is out at the moment with a broken foot, but I've seen this team play just fine without him. I hope they're not letting his absence get to them.

Bogosian was our shining star for the evening, in my opinion. He scored two of our three goals. The last one was during the last second of the game. Really, it was during the last second. But it wasn't enough. *pout* There were several opportunities for us to tie things up, even go ahead, but Varlamov was on his game pretty well too. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

The program cover featured Pavel Kubina.

Jason Krog was called up from the Chicago Wolves, but we didn't see him play.

I was finally able to get a picture of Christoph Schubert, who seemed to show up out of nowhere. He looks angry.

I think I take more pics of Bogo when Kalia is around (which she was).

Krog again.

Gangsta Moose.

Reasoner always looks like somebody just stole his puppy.

Semyon Varlamov, looking majestic. I was kind of hoping they would start Theodore, but no luck.

Afinogenov came sliding in on his belly. Slater poked him with his stick. It was cute.

Wait for it...


Anssi Salmela leaves the ice as warm-ups come to a close. Kalia and I were right above the tunnel.

Ondrej Pavelec heads our way.

I guess I'll go ahead and make it official. Pavelec is my substitute crush while Kari is out.

Reasoner taps the little fans.

Slava Kozlov.


Nik Antropov.

Kane and Schubert.

Armstrong, Afinogenov, and Boulton.

Bryan Little.

Zach Bogosian.

The obligatory spotlight picture finally pays off. For once, I wasn't moving, nor was Pavs. Me likey. He's also in the "Pavelec Stance", as I call it, to make it even better.

Z-Bo ushers the youth hockey player off the ice.

The game begins and this silver balloon just comes dancing through. What the heck?

Then this broken stick appears out of nowhere. It's chaos!

To quote Darren Eliot, "Big Blast Bogosian!"

Afinogenov plays the puck.

Bogosian is about to bust some Caps! (Get it? Haha!)

Slater broke into the zone and was tripped by Jurcina.

He slid a long way, making sure the referees saw what happened.

He earned himself a penalty shot. Here we go!

He couldn't get it past Varlamov, but this picture was pretty cool.

This is Ovechkin's second goal. Grr. It went in to the left of Pavs, then bounced out on his right side here.

The Stance, from a slightly different angle.

The boys file back into the locker room for intermission. Moose always gives everyone a little love.

The Thrashers were celebrating Halloween, so Thrash was dressed up in this cowboy / afro outfit. He later came out as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Sumo down!

Armstrong explains to Ovechkin why we call him the Great Ape. (Not the Great Eight, as his fans call him.)

Pavs makes himself small.

He makes a pad save.

And another!

Z-Bo spends more time chewing on his mouth piece than actually using it.

He scores!

"Alright... Everybody in the net!"

Todd White scored our second goal.

The final score and the three stars.