Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
November 5, 2009


The boys continue to tick me off. So much so that I just wasn't in the mood for pictures. We lost 4 to 3, and though it wasn't a trouncing by any stretch, I'm just tired of watching them lose. And another come-back attempt at that. They seem willing to win on the road, but that's not what we paid our hard earned money to see. Don't get me wrong - I still have faith in them, but it's hard to get through the rough patches sometimes. I guess my own mood just wasn't where it should be. I am a female hockey fan, after all.

A side story. We have a co-worker that vaguely knows hockey exists. He's started paying more attention now that he's been talking to us. But when we mentioned the Blue Jackets to him, he was lost. They are an expansion team, but he somehow completely missed their existence. So, we return to work after the game and he says, "Man, y'all got beat by a team I've never even heard of." Yep. Thanks, Paul. That feels better now. :p

Ron Hainsey was featured on the evening's program cover.

Bogosian is participating in "Movember" where some of the players and staff are growing moustaches for men's cancer awareness.

Kane and Kozlov warmin' up.

We got there at the end of warm-ups this time.

Thorburn and Slater head for the tunnel.

Moose heads on back.

I saw this sign recently that said, "I love Peverley, and other Rich guys too." Haha :)


A blurry Armstrong.

Little taps the fans as he goes by.

Salmela and Bogosian exit the ice.

More Bogo.

The obligatory Pavelec in the spotlight. He's the only one that stands still.

Rich looks confused.

One of the face-offs.

Bogo knocks the puck toward the net.

And that's all I had the patience for. Final score and three stars.