Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Los Angeles Kings
November 13, 2009


Now this is more like it! Holy cow, Thrashers! Have you been reading my diary?

Kovy returned from his broken foot injury after only three weeks. The man is a machine. He lit this team up with his return! I was glad to see our forwards begin scoring again. I was beginning to think the D was gonna have to do it all themselves!

The first period was mostly boring. It ended 0 to 0. Since we haven't had the best home record, especially when trailing after the first, I was just content that it was tied. Then the second period started and all hell broke lose. We scored four goals in five minutes and then proceeded to have a full-on line brawl. But put your seat belts on, Thrashers fans! This ride ain't over yet! We scored another three goals in the third period! Travis and I were nearly in tears. So were the Kings fans next to us. *devious giggle* They were cool, though, so I felt kinda bad for them, but dang! We needed this.

Fun stuff I found out later: The Kings' starting goalie, Quick, was pulled after the third goal. He allowed three goals in 14 shots. So they put in Ersberg to clean up his mess. He allowed four goals on only seven shots! Ouch.

More fun stuff: Bogosian now leads in goals among all NHL defensemen. Hooray Z-Bo!

And we had three different players with multiple goals!

But most importantly: Pavelec got his first NHL shutout! Yay for Pavs! He's come SOOO close in other games, but we ended up allowing goals with only a few minutes left. But not this time! Congrats O.P. I hope it's one of many to come.

The program cover featured our defenseman extraordinaire, Zach Bogosian.

And here he is again. This time with the Boustache.

Hello Pavs.

More O.P.


The moustache makes me think of the cop from Harold & Kumar. "Bullshit! NPH wouldn't do that!"

Lean back!

It is weird how this happens sometimes. Focused and blurred all at once.

Popovic, Hainsey, and Antropov.

Evander Kane, who ended up having a fine night himself, with two goals and an assist. One goal was even short-handed. Go Kaner!

Goaltender majesty, right there.

Pavs hangs on tight.

Moose steps in to warm up a bit. Turns out it wasn't necessary.

Boultsy is working on a moustache too. I gotta say, though. Moustaches are weird.

See what I mean? They take a normally attractive dude and make him a bit...creepy.

Everyone piles up on the Moose.

Warm-ups are over, and what's next, you ask? The game, yes. But first! Pavs in the spotlight.

Jonathan Quick. He saw spotlights, alright. Poor little fella.

Ivanans whispers sweet nothings in Thorburn's ear. This would not work out in his favor later.

Quick stretches and looks like a frog about to hop.

Thrash is working on his moustache too.

Picture of the Day! *happy dance*

Bogo pushes Smyth around.

Schubert gives his choke hold a try.

And the brawl begins. Note the glove in mid toss on the right there.

The line brawl heats up. Another glove is thrown (lower right).

I caught another glove going down. Either I had the knack, or the gloves were flying like mad. I think the latter was the case.

"Oh Boulton... You smell so good! I must love you!"

Zoomed out a bit. You can see what goalies do during fights (if you've somehow missed it).

Everybody was kung-fu fighting.

Thorburn and Ivanans stole the show, though.

Thor threw him to the ice at one point and the Kings fan next to me was stunned. She said she hasn't seen someone whip Ivanans "in a looonng time."

Thorsy may have sustained a hand injury.

They work out the details. Moments later, I heard the longest penalty announcement ever. It was awesome.

Ersberg is now in net, and he can look "froggy" too.

So there's this bar in front of me, and apparently, I slouch. Which sucks, cause this is a pic of Kovy scoring. Only there's this bar in the way (the dark coloration at the bottom). Grrr.

Pavs takes a shot to the knee and I vomit on my shoes. He shook it off and kept going though. Ugh, don't do that to me, Pavs. I can't take any more goalie heartbreak!

Reasoner fights for the puck.

Pavelec bowed up on Smyth to get him out of his crease.

No goal for you!

Ha-larious. He also has one that simply says, "Stand up and make noise."

Nuff said.

Complete disbelief after allowing another goal. Travis was trying to hug me in delight, but I pushed him away when I saw this Kodak moment. He understands.

Another brawl opens up after some jackass knocked Schubert into the bench through the open door. It was completely unnecessary.

Slater and Handzus break off on their own.

"Slater - I love these earrings!" "And that is one nice necklace, Handzus!"

Moustaches FTL. In an interview, Z-Bo said it's coming off as soon as the month is over. He said it was for a good cause, but he's not planning on growing one again.

Drewiske blocks a pass. Note the puck glued to his side.

The team piles on the ice for the post-win celebration!

Much love is shown to the Pavs.

Moose was especially excited for O.P.'s win.

All smiles!

The three stars and one awesome final score!

Pavs was our first star!

One day I'll have a better lens.

Pavs gives his first star interview. He said he was glad he got the shutout, but it was really about getting the win. He thanked the team most of all.

I was really hoping for Pavelec to be the Taco Mac post-game show guest, but I'll take some Kaner action!

He has really done well for himself lately.

Here he is listening to Darren Eliot.

Now talking to Darren.

Lots of pics of the Kaner...

Texting during the show. What a teenager.

Kindly signing some autographs.

I think this is my fav. Darren's Corona was in the way the whole time, though. :(

More interview.

Keep it up, Kane! We're all proud of how well you've done!

And lastly, after the game, this Christian musician, Aaron Shust, had a little concert. Lots of people stayed for that. I snapped this pic and moved along. Good night Thrashers! You rocked this one out!