Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Edmonton Oilers
November 15, 2009


Another good game. I was glad to see it. Again, we had enemy jerseys next to us in the stands. The Kings fans we had for the previous game were cool, but this guy was a bit condescending. Turns out the guy was a native of Edmonton. He said he liked to see what other teams do in their arenas (intro videos and what not). I said it wasn't likely that I would ever get to see Edmonton's in arena activities. I think he took offense... Whatever. Then he starts looking around and asks what our attendance numbers usually are. I get your point, okay? So, I diplomatically said, "Well, unlike Edmonton, there's a lot to do in Atlanta. Our fans have lots to choose from on a nice Sunday afternoon." Punk. How'd the boys from the south do, huh?

So let's talk about how the boys did. We won 3 to 2. Bogosian scored another goal. Afinogenov continued his scoring streak. Peverley got two assists. And that sly devil Kozlov finally put something up on the board. The game winner, as it were. And if anyone is counting, that's good for our fourth straight win.

I'm going to skip ahead a bit a tell you about the post game show. Moose was the guest that night. It can't get much better than that! Before he arrived, we were all cheering for our win, and Darren Eliot looked right at me and gave me a thumb's up. I gave one back. Yay! Goalie acknowledgement! (Even if it's an ex-goalie.) *swoon* Haha!

So then Moose comes in and he has two of his daughters with him. They are such pretty little girls and he really seems to be such a great dad. It's so touching. So, he leads them in, hand in hand, and takes them over to the side and tells them to stay there while he does the interview. They seemed a bit hesitant, but he reassured them and they seemed okay. Well, this "over to the side" that I mention was right freakin' next to me! So later the waitress brings them some water, which they politely asked if it was okay to set it on our table. Moose's daughters were using our table! OMG! I felt like a celebrity! Hahaha! But the cutest thing is that during the whole interview, Moose kept looking over at them, checking on them, making faces at them, etc. He winked at them several times, one of which I got a pic of. So adorable!

Toby was on the program cover.

We didn't make it for warm-ups, so I missed my usual picture taking window. Here, the Moose does his pacing thing.

He's very protective of his crease. One day I'll manage to get a pic of him pushing people away.

Fighting for the little rubber disk.

Salmela stopped by to show that he can rock a moustache too.

Second period. Moose does his little pinball flipper move. You just gotta see it.

Nikolai Khabibulin, a.k.a. the Bulin Wall. Yes, very clever.

Travis takes pics of the Blue Crew.

Moose was just begging for me to take his picture. I had no choice, you see.

Lots of action around our net.

Khabibulin high-tails it to the bench for an extra skater.

It's too late! Thrashers win! Woot.

Moose was the third star.

Peverley was the second star.

Kozzie was the first star. Prepare for awkward Russian interview.

A picture of said interview.

On to the Taco Mac Post-Game Show. Moose was the guest. He looks terrified!

Moose talks to Darren. Two goalies. Hell yeah.

Dan Kamal asks questions. Moose answers.

Here is the wink! Oh my god, how cute is that?!

Darren makes a move on Moose. He's uncomfortable, but polite.

He signed a few autographs and took a few pictures and he and his girls were off!