Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Boston Bruins
November 19, 2009


Alright. It's official. These burgundy jerseys are cursed. Cursed, I'm tellin' ya! And that's all I have to say about that.

We had a small crew of ruffians with us for this game. My mother, my sister, my cousin, and his daughter all came along. We got stuck in traffic, though, and were too late to catch the warm-ups. Bummer, dude.

I actually paid attention at one point and found out they call these things "wingers." This one featured Mad Max. He has really been turning it on lately!

Ondrej Pavelec prepares for battle.

Tuukka Rask also prepares for battle. The Finns have awesome names, don't they?

Bogosian just can't wait to get into the action!

Afinogenov tears up the ice.

They broke up the Bogosian / Enstrom tandem and went with a Bogosian / Hainsey pairing.

Pavs knocks the puck in the air.

OMGOMGOMG! Kari!! (On the left.) I was so excited to see him! *happy dance*

Toby has also been on a tear lately.

Kovy gives someone a death stare.

Pavelec steers a shot aside.

We scored!

Kari was excited. Can't you tell?


Rask would skate out from the net during breaks and rest.

These two Russians have been displaying a fine amount of chemistry.

Todd White takes a hit to the face. For a moment, we were worried. He shook it off and kept on truckin'.

The Pavelec Stance.

Kovy passes the puck.

More scoring action.

Pavelec turns away another shot.

Slater and Salmela join Kari in the suite.

Kari has a divine moment. *gulp* "Yes, God?"

Third period and the Moose is happy.

Seconds later, the mood has apparently changed.

Well, wouldn't you know it? We were on the Kiss Cam again. Virginia kindly captured this pic for us.

These two got tangled up, but thankfully, we avoided a penalty.

"Hey guys... Have you seen my stick?"

Chara is unnecessarily large.

Thrash and his handlers work the crowd.

Pavs skates over during a commercial break.

Chara fascinates me with his largeness.

The boys sort out some details.

The puck is hovering just above their sticks.

The Bruins were ahead 3 to 2. With seconds left, Pavs rushes over to the bench for an extra skater.

Honestly, what on earth could Bryan Little have done to piss you off? Leave Bryan Little alone!

Lucic and Chara smelled blood in the water and came to investigate.

So, with seconds left... Afinogenov scored! Kovy tackled him in excitement!

The rest of the boys join in the fun.

Woo hoo! Now we've got ourselves a game!

A little bit of 4 on 4 overtime action.

Chara nails Kovy.

We made it through overtime unscathed. Pavs takes a breather and prepares for the shootout.

Pavs scrapes up the ice. I'm assuming this is for additional grip. Security doesn't let me talk to the goalies long enough to confirm this.

Here we go! Our first shooter is Rich Peverley.

Rask doesn't allow the goal.

Their first shooter is Patrice Bergeron. (Isn't that a girl's name?)

Despite how impressive this looks, he scored on us. Boo.

Next up is Slava Kozlov.

There he goes! We're about to tie it up, cause Kozlov's the man!

And what the hell? Rask stops Kozlov? Ugh. Well, this sucks.

There was a pause in the action for some reason that I'm not privy to. So to pass the time, I photograph Pavelec.

Alright, Blake Wheeler is next. My camera apparently felt as though I needed no further pictures of him. So, to fill you in, Pavs stopped him.

Next up was Kovalchuk. As I've said, I love him 90% of the time, but the boy lets me down when it's shootout time.

And tonight was no exception. Bruins win 4 to 3.

Disappointed, the boys file back into the locker room.

Rask says, "Timmy, did I do good?!"

The final score and the three stars. So exciting a game. So disappointing a finish. We'll get 'em next time!