Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
November 21, 2009


Ouch. I wasn't expecting that. Entirely too many Penguins fans were in our house. It sucked hard core. I could barely hear myself think for the "Let's Go Pens" they were shouting. We had to shout for the Thrashers extra loud, and I still don't think it helped. Going in, I was excited to see the Pens. I mean, yes, they were the Stanley Cup champions and all, but they have a lot of players I like. Their goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury, topping the list. My excitement was soon spoiled, though. So many Pittsburgh jerseys. Bleh. I have to wonder, though - how many of them were genuinely Penguins fans, and how many of them are just on the Stanley Cup bandwagon?

So in other news... Travis got to ride the Zamboni! Our season ticket rep called us up earlier in the week and asked which one of us would like to ride. I decided to give Travis the honors. We were still excited for that, if nothing else!

It was an exciting game, though. There was a short-handed goal and a penalty shot. In the end, we were only separated by one shot on goal. We battled til the end, but just couldn't pull it off. Oh well, I guess that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Ex-Penguin Colby Armstrong was featured on the "winger."

Moose looks like he's making fun of a woman.

We missed the warm-ups again, so let's move right into the game, shall we?

His Fleuryness.

Definitely not off-side.

We had Fleury flopping around for a second there!

I like Moose's posture here. Kinda reminds me of a meerkat.

Popovic's moustache continues to creep a bit.

This is my first time seeing the Pens live, believe it or not. I found out that Fleury is very ritualistic. He stood here, in this exact manner, frequently.

Moose just quietly paces.

Fleury and Orpik talk about some stuff.

No one seems to be looking in the same direction. This cannot be good.

Moose makes the save!

Ah yes, Fleury's rituals. At each stoppage, he would skate back and forth. To the wall, to the net. Then on his third pass, he would do a really tight spin, then plop himself in front of the net.

"Moose, come on man, where's that 20 you owe me?"

Stretchy, stretchy.

Second period. Moose does his usual drink and a wash-down.

Fleury scrapes up the ice a bit.

And here we go!

Fleury looks surprised, like he just opened a present and found Orpik tucked inside.

Alright! Zamboni time! This would be the garage, I guess. They dump out the used snow at the front there.

I had Travis take the camera with him to document his experience. He stood with the ice girls and Zamboni drivers at the glass.

You would think that they would let the guest be up front and center, but apparently not.

Some action heads his way.

He spent most of his time watching the game on the jumbo-tron.

Malkin scores on us. Boo.

He had a good position for Moose watching.

The period is almost over, so they pull the Zambonis into position.

This is the one Travis rode - the Comcast Zamboni.

Our ticket rep kindly takes a picture.

The Molson Canadian Zamboni. Travis said this one had a much cooler driver.

Another shot of the Comcast Zamboni.

Travis is now perched atop the Zamboni as the intermission game ends. It wasn't until just then that they informed him that he couldn't keep the camera with him. Stupid rules.

So our ticket rep took a few pics for him. Here he goes!

Enjoying the ride.


His name in lights! He's a star!

All good things must come to an end.

He appears to have had a good time!

Watch that last bump there!

Fred, a fellow season ticket holder and super cool guy, was kind enough to take some pics for us since I was without my camera.

The Penguins fans taunted him a bit.

Checking out the view.

"Hi, Fred!"

A nice shot of the jumbo-tron there.

I believe this is where they announced his name.

Look at the sea of Pens fans! Ack! Shame and dishonor, Thrashers fans!

Alright, third period stretches.

Jordan Staal. His family apparently has little tiny hockey pucks for blood cells.

Kubina plays "keep away."

So, I'm minding my own business and all of the sudden, Kovy attacks Matt Cooke.

A review of the tape shows a dirty hit on Kovy moments before the attack. They have a history on top of everything else.

Kovy lands a punch to the referee's hand?

The refs feel as though it is now time to separate the boys.

You gotta keep 'em separated.

Kovy continues to bark at Cooke.

Hainsey collects Kovy's things.

After a few minutes, they tossed Kovy from the sin bin. Game misconduct and ejection. Kovy is the coolest.

There he goes down the tunnel.

You can almost hear Moose say, "Damn!"

Fleury stretches a lot. But that's okay.

The Pens' captain and hockey poster boy, Sidney Crosby.

I would recognize Fedotenko's little pink cheeks anywhere!

Crosby and Peverley face-off against one another.

No Kari tonight. :( Slater and Salmela were present, though. And this dude from the other night that I still don't recognize.

The Nasty Nesters do their part to get the crowd going.

Count 'em. Missing Hedberg = six Thrashers.

Fleury displays some majesty.

With like 10 seconds left in the game, I think it was Rupp just laid down on the puck. What crap!

Needless to say, a scuffle ensued.

The boys continue to work things out.

The final score and three stars.