Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
November 22, 2009


My sister went to this game with us, along with my cousin Jordan. This was her first hockey game. I'm always glad to take a newbie. So, of course, we had to get there early so she could see the warm-ups. That's easily the best time to get a look at what an attractive team we have. :p

I think the team was still a little sore from their loss to the Penguins the night before, because they were flat as heck. The Thrashers didn't score a goal until the 3rd period. It was the same old song and dance. Too little, too late. We did fight back and take it to overtime, but the Lightning left with the win. At least we left with one point. That's the Lightning's usual M.O., it would seem.

Rich Peverley was the featured player on the winger. He's the man.

Of course, the Heat Meiser was on hand to harrass Marty St. Louis.

It's time for warm-ups!

Ilya Kovalchuk. You may have heard of him?

The latest on the Popovic 'stache.

Dueling goalie stretches.

It's that Kovy guy again.

Chris Thorburn.

Ondrej Pavelec was our goalie for the evening.

Warmin' up.

Bryan Little and Zach Bogosian practiced their saucer pass.

Speak of the devil, there's Bogosian now.

Marty Reasoner. Don't trip, okay?

Pops again.

Hello Pavs!

The better you do, the more I love you.

Happy birthday, Armstrong!

Stoppin' pucks.

...and hearts. *swoon*

Moose stretches out his legs.

Our very own ginger, Christoph Schubert.

I call this one "Invisible Bitch Slap."

Evander Kane takes a shot on net.

Schubert does the same.

Now it's Bogosian's turn.

Jim Slater takes a shot.

Pavel Kubina is a blur of motion.

Did I mention that Rich Peverley is the man?

Shhh... I'm goalie-watching.

Well crap. I think he's on to me.

Maxim Afinogenov.

What a cute picture of the Moose!

Peverley takes his turn shooting the puck.

Slater cruises through.

Bogosian is always the last man to leave the ice after warm-ups. He must get in that one last shot.

Just before the game begins, the starting line-up is introduced.

Always gotta get the Pavelec shot.

One of many face-offs.

Throwin' some hits.

Ron Hainsey lends Pavelec a hand.

Antero Niittymaki. Another great Finnish name. Travis and I call him Niittymaki-bang-bang. I have no idea why.

Niitty had no idea he was about to become the object of Kalia's hatred. I must say, he performed great in this game. But of course, so did Pavs. :p

This is Pavs, banging the ice with his stick to warn the team that their Power Play is about to end.

Marty! Stop it with the tongue, man!

Just... a little bit... further...

The Pavelec Stance strikes again!

Oh, still my beating heart! Kari!! Oh, what I wouldn't give to get to watch a game with you!

Apparently this suite has some kind of lighting issue. The dude I don't know was there again, this time trying to fix the lights. Whatever! Move, dude! I can't see Kari!

They discuss the lighting situation. They obviously aren't electricians. I guess hockey players should stick to hockey.

Me, Kalia, Jordan.

More face-off action.

During the second intermission, I went down to chat with Virginia for a minute.

The bench seems like they're raring to go.

Schubert seems to always be square in the middle of any given disagreement.

Peverley and Downie decide if they wish to join in.

Minutes later, Lecavalier takes a seat on Reasoner.

A battle at the net.

Downie cross-checked Afinogenov a few times, and well, he didn't appreciate that much.

And the fight begins.

Just as Max is chaos on skates, he's chaos in a fight too.

His helmet comes off in dramatic fashion.

I think he's checking for blood. There didn't seem to be any.

Hello hot stuff!

Kane and Szczechura seemed to have a little issue to settle.

They made it through without coming to blows, but they were both standing their ground.

Bogosian loves to chew on that mouthpiece.

The final score and three stars. Yet another one point loss at home. I'm hoping the boys step it up soon!