Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Philadelphia Flyers
November 28, 2009


Two shutouts in three games! (The other was against Detroit, which was an away game, so no pictures.) I think I can get used to this! And on the Flyers, no less! They've had a hex on us for the longest time. We've lost to them in our last 14 meetings. But not this time! The streak is broken!

Bryan Little was featured on the winger.

Seriously, Hartnell is starting to look like a girl. Get a haircut, dude. Maybe I'm just jealous cause his hair is thicker than mine. :/

Pavelec looks just about to tip over.

An update on the Z-Bo 'stache. He's obviously keeping it trimmed.

Antropov waits his turn for a shot.

The usual end of warm-ups pile-up on the goalie.

Oh, Moose. Moosey Moose Moose. Why can't you be still and stop making ridiculous faces?

Two minutes into the game...

They held onto each other for a while before the real swinging began.

Ooh. There's one.

A little bit of wrestling.

Cote appears a bit weak in the knees.

He could use a haircut as well.

The line judge is saying, "Dude, you got your ass kicked. You alright?"

A little foot to stick action there.

Even cows love the Thrashers!

Kovy was stunned by the amount of stitches and missing teeth on LaPerriere.

Kovy handles the puck.

We scored! Peverley's the man. Have I mentioned that before?

Schubert has noticed how majestic the goaltenders look when they do this and is trying it out for himself.

Hainsey steals Van Riemsdyk's stick.

About a minute into the third period and this happens...

Apparently Van Riemsdyk was cross checking Armstrong, so Army opted to take matters into his own hands.

Asham stood up for his teammate.

I'm not sure what ruffled Kane's feathers, but he wasn't backing down either.

Nothing ever came of it, though. In the meantime, Army got ejected. What crap!

I hate that this came out blurry. Some love for the Moooose!

The boys in the suite.

They tore into the Moose's house and stole his stick!

Yay! Thrashers win! Moose gets a shutout!

It's goalie love, between two goalies.

The game's third star, Pavel Kubina.

He gave a stick to some fans, which I think is a great gesture. Many other teams do this, but ours doesn't. Hopefully he'll start a trend.

Rich Peverley was the second star.

The man of the hour, Johan Hedberg.


A glimpse of the scoreboard and Moose's post-game interview. He was all smiles. Deservedly so.

Our post-game guest at Taco Mac was Toby Enstrom.

He seemed quite nervous.

A slight smile was all I managed to photograph. Take a deep breath and try us again some time, Toby!