November 29, 2009


Kalia and I decided it was high time for some practice action. Travis wasn't interested in going, so it was our girls' day out. I was hoping to finally get to see Kari do some skating after his back surgeries and she was hoping to get some more autographs on her Bogosian jersey. Unfortunately, neither ended up happening. I suppose the practice was more of a "team meeting" and less of a "practice." Most of the team was there, but only a few actually skated.

We were actually early for a change, so when we arrived, there were still some junior hockey teams playing. They were so cute! When they finished, the Zamboni smoothed the ice and we took up some positions near the Thrashers locker room entrance. We saw the doors open and this young kid came out in skates with a helmet and a stick. I immediately said to myself, "Antropov." But then I dismissed it as they turned back inside. Seconds later, the door opened, and there was Nik Antropov, being reassuring as they took the ice. How cool! Little Antro! Seriously, there was no doubt this was his kid. It seems as though being tall runs in the family too. I do my best not to take pictures of their kids, as I feel that's just crossing the line, but it was super cute to see a little Antropov doing some shooting drills with some of the guys.

First out was Noah Welch, who I know almost nothing about. It was my understanding from context clues that he's recovering from some type of injury.

Salmela came out and went straight to the penalty box. He slammed the door and started banging his stick around. He looked legitimately angry. I have no idea why or how he really felt, but it had us laughing.

I tried to resist photographing Pavelec. But he knows I love him. He was watching me. I finally gave in when he was looking away and Thorsy caught me.

Pavs faces a few shots.

Noah Welch and Jim Slater. Slater is saying, "It's-a me-a, Mario!" (Seriously, doesn't he look like Mario here?)

I suppose Salmela was finally freed from the box. He was in a good mood, so I have no idea what that was all about.

Salmela, Boulton, Armstrong.

Kane and Boulton. He wasn't impersonating a monkey. He was actually picking on the coach for being late to practice.

I snuck another pic of Pavs when he wasn't looking.

Welch joins in the shooting drill.

Alright, fine. Yes, I'm taking a picture of you again.

Pavs gets knocked into the net.

This is little Antropov wanting to try out the drills with the big boys.

Those that were able to score took off their gloves, put them in a pile, then sat on the wall to harrass the others. I don't claim to understand these odd rituals.

Here's little Antro playing with Pavelec. It was insanely adorable.

Pavelec was a good sport and let Antro Junior take a few shots on him.

Then he came out to sign some autographs and to generally look sexy.

I love goalies, what can I say?

I couldn't get a fair picture of his gorgeous eyes, so I settled for kind of a half an eye while he posed with someone.

Colby Armstrong signing some stuff.

Here is Kalia getting Rich Peverley to sign a puck for Travis. It was a surprise for him when we got home. He was very appreciative.

Kalia and Armstrong.

We were wondering who was driving the safari looking vehicle. Turns out it was Kovy. Go figure.

We had four signatures left to get on our poster from the Face Off Event. Marty Reasoner here was one of them.

A closer look at Kovy. Man, what a good looking dude. I'll go ahead and say he's pretty hot, actually.

Kalia and Kovy.

Me and Kovy.

A view of Pavelec through the crowd. This picture made me laugh because he has the classic tree air freshener going on.

Kalia and Pavs.

Me and Kari. Oh, how I adore him! He has no idea how he's just made my week. He offered to get out of the car to take the picture with me, but we decided it wasn't necessary. He has such a nice accent. :)

The 2009-10 Thrashers poster is now officially complete. Heck yeah!

The Rich Peverley signed puck. I have no idea how that says Rich Peverley, but I saw him do it with my own eyes.