Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Florida Panthers
November 30, 2009


Alright! The Thrashers put up their fourth win in a row! It was a great game too. Back and forth up until the last seconds. I can get into that. Unfortunately, the game was marred with Vokoun's very strange and unfortunate injury at the hands of his own teammate. Poor Vokoun, and poor Ballard, who no doubt feels like a donkey's rear end. Let's move right into the action, shall we?

Whitey graced the program cover.

Warm ups! Johan "Moose" Hedberg got the start.

Pavelec took up his usual corner spot.

Aw! Happy Z-Bo!

Pavs skates by.

My sister was over the moon when she grabbed this pic of Bogo. :p


I just don't get tired of taking pictures of Pavelec.

Nik Antropov takes his turn in the warm up drills.

I'm beginning to think that Reasoner's tongue is too long to fit in his mouth.

Whitey in action.

Hainsey always has these god awful expressions on his face.


Cutie Mark Popovic.

Schubert winds up.

Pavs blocks a few shots.

Armstrong also usually has a strange expression going on. Here, he looks ready to sneeze.

Max looks for the pass.

Kalia sported a Blueland temporary tattoo. It got Dan Kamal's attention at the post game show. :)

Zach Bogosian is announced in the starting line up.

Evander Kane gets his turn in the spotlight.

Army and Hainsey join in the fun.

The game begins and Moose is already decapitated.

Putting the helmet back on.

GOAL! Woot!

Thrash mauls an unsuspecting fan with silly string.

The ever thirsty Moose stops by for a drink.

Moose tracks the puck.

Kovy on a breakaway. He scored!

Celebration in one corner, defeat in another.

Only wait, that isn't defeat. It's pain. Turns out Vokoun was injured by his own teammate during the play.

Well, this is the first time I've been there to see someone leave on a stretcher. Something I could have lived without, I think. Poor fella.

Clemmensen came in as they cleaned up Vokoun's blood. Turns out it was just an ear laceration, and he was playing again a few days later.

Clemmers prepares for battle.

Second period now, as Clemmers plays the puck on the other end.

Afinogenov takes a shot.

Toby takes a shot too.

Some face-off drama between Kane and Horton.

Gotta love the Moose love.

Olesz blocks a shot and immediately regrets that decision.

Clemmers is just a color coordinating masterpiece, isn't he?

Moose stops a puck between his legs.

He is soon decapitated again.

His mask was knocked way off this time. These Panthers will pay!

The player suite had a full house.

Moose is a puck stopping machine.

Clemmers was doing a fine job himself. Here, he even managed to grab his own stick. Fancy!

The action was so intense, Schubert was literally laying on top of Pavelec here to get a good view.

Thrash bangs his drum.

With about five seconds left in the tied up third period, Afinogenov put one home!

Thrashers win!

Pavelec tells Moose "good job" in his own special way. ;p

Goalies = Awesome.

Third star with two assists, Eric Boulton.

Second star, also with two assists, Nik Antropov.

First star with the game winning goal, Maxim Afinogenov.

The post game interview.

On to the post game show, where Eric Boulton was the guest.

I can't remember not-Darren's name, but his hands were constantly moving around in front of Boulton's face.

Boulton says, "Seriously man, settle down, or I'm gonna take you out back." (Just kidding - he didn't say that.)

You could just see how excited he was to be there. Haha! (He was listening to a caller.)

Alright, finally a smile.

Not-Darren's hands in the way again. Oh well. Go Thrashers!