December 13, 2009


After missing out on Kari skating and not getting Bogosian's autograph, Kalia and I wanted to go to practice again. Jana joined us this time, as did Travis. Yet again we left disappointed on both counts. Oh well. We had fun, at least.

As always, the lighting in this place is terrible for photography, so I must apologize in advance for the poorer than usual quality of my pictures.

A little research informs me that this is Daniel Sullivan of the Gwinnett Gladiators, the Thrashers ECHL afilliate.

He set up several drills for himself before the Thrashers hit the ice.

This one was cool. He put a stick through the corner of the net and aimed for that hole. You can see the puck in the back of the net there (up top).

He and Pavelec chatted for a few seconds.

Then the rest of the boys came out. This is Bryan Little.

Little and Salmela were on puck bucket duty, I guess.

Next was Jim Slater. You can see Pavelec practicing his puck handling in the background.

Chris Thorburn takes a few shots.

Toby Enstrom skates by.

Evander Kane and Eric Boulton share a laugh.

Evander Kane stands near the rink entrance.

Enstrom, I think. Bad pictures R us.

Pavelec had a new mask and sparkling new pads on.

Captain Kovalchuk.

Kane again.

Pavs nestles up next to the net.

Steve Weeks, the goalie coach, had Pavelec practicing a few skating patterns.

Thorburn and Kovy.


The boys line up for a shooting drill.

Army, Kovy, and Valabik.

I rarely get a good picture of Kozlov.

Pavelec cruises over to the net.

Kane seems slightly amused.

Valabik practices his shots.

The boys pile up on Pavs.

Pavs and the net pay the price.

Toby notices that girl that's always taking pictures.

Valabik, Armstrong, Pavelec.

Ready for some shooting drills.

A few more prepare for the shooting drill.

Valabik and Kane.

Kane works the puck.

Pavs stopped him and he dropped the f-bomb.

I really wish this wasn't blurry. Army takes it to the net.

Pavs stops Kane again.

Pavelec lays down on the job.

Coach Anderson and Eric Boulton.

Pavs looks over, knowing I'm taking a picture of him.

What a cutie.

They spent the last few minutes seeing how many times they could score in x seconds. Valabik here was actually successful.

Even Pavelec celebrated his goal!

Kane discusses his strategy.

I think this picture tells the story of what happened next.

Jim Slater completely took it to Pavelec. He scored five out of six times. He really had his number. In mock frustration, Pavs broke his stick over the cross bar and threw it across the ice. It was hilarious!

Salmela filled in as goalie while Pavelec retrieved another stick.

The boys laugh it up after the Slater / Pavelec episode.

Practice is over and Pavelec exits with his remaining sticks.

Kane helped pick up the pucks and we left soon afterwards. It was sprinkling outside, so we didn't hang around to catch the guys in the parking lot.